Spring Valley Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 91977

via Spring Valley Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 91977.

It’s currently 99 degrees outside at the moment. An hour ago it was still sitting at 100….I’ve decided to forgo my walk as seriously, that heat is dangerous to be outside in. I’m waiting for it to cool down to a reasonable temperature. This summer has been relatively cool, with 80’s, some 90’s….but it hasn’t really been oppressive until today. Oh sure there are places that are 115 and hotter but we’ve been pretty fortunate to avoid that heat. It’s usually in the Autumn months that we hit the higher end of the temps….and then after that, when most of the country is already well into the winter and with snow, we tend to have our fall weather. Southern California is usually behind like that…..we tend to have everything after the rest of the country. I don’t miss freezing in the winter however….I’ve dealt with my fair share of shoveling snow, breaking up ice (and as a result fell on the ice while I was at it) and scraping windows while the ice still falls around me. No thanks…I did that for five years and decided California’s hot, mild climate is more to my liking.

The summers on the coast are of course more to my liking as they are relatively cooler, thanks to an on shore breeze. Out here we have a reservoir about six blocks away…and we thankfully receive the breeze coming straight off of that. But until the air temp cools, it is typically a warm, un-refreshing breeze. I shouldn’t complain right? Right? Right.


Sipping on some green tea…

So I was laying in bed last night, thinking over the past week. Once I stopped long enough, I realized how ‘normal’ it felt in my room…and ‘normal’ my life has turned out to be. Everything has shifted into the right direction…and I am always grateful for that. I haven’t felt the momentum in here that is propelling everything forward until recently…and I know this time it’s going to stick around. I haven’t really given much thought to what’s transpired because I don’t wish it to linger into the present or my future. I’d rather be in the present and just see where this takes me. I haven’t felt any sense of normalcy in here in over a year but let tell you, it feels right…it feels like a normal room in a normal house. It just feels perfectly ‘right’ and I’m grateful for that.

Also…the silence. It hasn’t been truly ‘silent’ for quite a while now…and when I turn off the fans, and close the laptop, it tends to hit me. The true silence. A safe silence. I have dreaded silence for years….started liking it ..then ended up dreading it yet again. I have shifted into true appreciation of it….because there are no footsteps to be heard, no mysterious banging, no knocking, ….just…..silence. It truly feels right..it’s the silence that follows chaos, drama, negativity, and havoc. It’s the silence that feels safe, where you don’t have to listen or be attuned all the time. I don’t have to be on high alert…the word for it (thank you Google!) is hypervigilance.  Now I just cherish the silence, especially at night.  So now I relish the silence, when I choose to enjoy it. I of course do choose…because so often people dislike silence, but it’s in those moments of silence  that we can find the answers we seek, or truly allow ourselves to relax. I have found that in those moments I don’t wonder, or ask..or even worry about anything. I just let my mind go quiet or drift..that’s the one thing that is the hardest to master. The mind. It can feel like the toughest bit of yourself to conquer..and indeed it is. But I have found that by investing in myself, I have little to no room or desire to look back or to even feed negative thoughts the fuel they need.

By investing in myself I have found true freedom…freedom that comes from no longer hiding, no longer needing approval from anyone but myself, freedom to enjoy my life and live it. I have also found that I can indeed walk two miles around the block and not only that..but enjoy those times, even when I’m walking up the hill twice and dragging myself to the house. 🙂 I have also found out that I should have accomplished this a year ago, and it would have really changed things for the best. But hindsight s always twenty-twenty you know. This time it feels right, like its at the right time, and everything has shifted to positive and encouraging. It just feels right..and it feels right to myself. I have invested in my education, and most of all, my health. By walking four miles combined yesterday, and walking ten miles total all week (two miles every day) …that adds up to 14 miles which isn’t that bad!! 🙂 I have found that this particular journey is right for me, and of course my journey is only right for me, and it isn’t suitable to the population in general. This gets me moving more and gets me out of the house, into the sunshine and around people….which really do not give a fig what you do in this neighborhood. They literally mind their own business and that is wonderful. It keeps conflict down to non-existent and allows people the freedom to just live their lives how they see fit. Pretty much how it is in San Diego in general. Live and let live.

I have found this freedom after enduring a lot of hell…and I won’t have it any other way. Because to change even a fraction of what I went through, would be to change the ending. The final result and that is not open for negotiation. I like the freedom I have now….as well as the peace. Life is better finally and I won’t accept it being any other way. Life is funny that way…it shows you the adverse reaction that you want so you may appreciate the ones that you’ve let slip by unnoticed. It takes noise to appreciate silence, chaos to appreciate calm…..and absence to appreciate presence. Its a funny thing for sure but if you don’t appreciate what you have, it can either be taken away or you won’t be content with more. Gratitude is at the heart of everything. Life has a funny way of teaching us this..and it will continue to do so if we don’t understand the lesson the first time around.

Okay so its taken me a full twenty four hours to write this….its currently 12:14 pm and I’m still on the same draft. That tells me where my priorities lie…such as sleep and watching season 5 of M*A*S*H*. Okay even though this is short I’m going to hit update and send it out to you, my readers. 🙂 Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

An interview offer, a walking routine, target audience. (Blogging 101 assignment)

The heat has decided to finally slam us with mid 90’s and a dry heat. Mind you..we are enjoying a nice breeze….but at the moment, its 95 degrees outside. Yikes!! I am sitting here sipping on green tea (hot) and listening to a marketing lecture, determined to finish this first week, as I only have a couple more videos to go. Then I am debating whether I want to battle the heat and go for my walk….we shall see. I am trying to stay on track and stay motivated and determined because it’s for the best. But man …its hot out there!

There is some good news to pass along …when I came home last night, I had an email sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to read it. It was an interview offer….apparently for the banquet server position I had applied to. Nice right? 🙂 Definitely…I am happy to have the offer. I just emailed a reply to the company, after all I can’t afford to waste it. I am hoping it turns out to be fruitful! I am really hoping everything keeps on being positive..and turns out successful in the long run. It’s indeed much-needed and also appreciated. I am seeing things turn around for the first time in many months and I am also starting to see the proverbial “fruits of my labor” as they take shape. I am definitely hoping for the best.

I just finished my walk…adding a bit more ground to it in fact. I always feel like I have more energy and stamina when I return, and yes I’m already feeling it in my legs. But its a welcome ache.

Walking or running legs in forest, adventure and exercising in summer nature

Walking or running legs in forest, adventure and exercising in summer nature *not my picture*. 

So…target audience. My readers (both present and new) are my “target audience”. All of you whom take the time to read my ramblings, my sometimes LONG posts…are my dream audience. Every. Single. One. Of. You. You make my blog what it is…and in turn we all make this platform flexible for everyone, allowing us to share what we will, and in turn leave encouraging comments or even a “like”. These things are appreciated, believe me. 🙂 We couldn’t do this without you! 🙂

I have been reading some new blogs lately….and I have found some really nice ones that I believe have some strong potential to really take off and bloom. Just hang in there and have the faith that you can make your blog all that it can be… once you get into the groove of blogging it becomes second nature to just write freely and smoothly. Some are using this as a platform to debut their writing…and to them I say this: Kudos! From the ones I’ve read so far, you’re doing wonderful. Keep it up! 🙂 I enjoy reading the blogs and I make sure to at leave the author a like or a comment. I have found freedom in just writing….just putting my thoughts out there. There is a certain amount of freedom when you stop worrying what others think about you or what you post…that is one of the greatest mental freedoms. Just write what you know best..one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given.

I have one last video to finish up this week of Marketing…I have yet to un-pause the video. I haven’t lost motivation yet…to be honest marketing is pretty banal material. It is completely worth learning but ……there’s a lot of information to digest about brands and the customers, and the link between the two. If you ever stumble across a business major…. just know that they are digesting a lot of information. There’s tons of material we have to memorize and know to make it in the business world and to make sure that when we put the skills to work they run smoothly. Sometimes, it can be a tad overwhelming. But we do it because it’s what we are aiming for…and its one of our goals. Just as writing my blog is one of my other goals…its an easy one to aspire and conquer. 🙂

Another one of my goals which I’m slowly conquering is to finally finish the books I’m reading. I believe I’m reading about nine books at once…of which two are paperbacks. I need to get to reading and finish them at some point. Ah well..I have time. 🙂 Well I think I shall end this here. Have a good Wednesday!  Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

Who I am and why I’m here. (Blogging 101 assignment) .

For those of you whom are familiar with my blog, you may skim or skip this post if you desire. 🙂 I am writing this as a quick refresher for those whom may be joining me and perhaps don’t feel like reading all the way back to the first few posts (though if you’d like to, check out the archives on the front page). I am Sunnyhaze2006, sole owner and blog post writer here on the Orchid. i decided to write this blog to give myself a creative outlet to vent..(cleanly) and to gather a community of support around myself. This blog has provided an outlet me for to put my thoughts down, give myself some creative freedom, organize my thoughts and my frustrations…plus I have had the pleasure of getting my story out there and to share my journey in this world.

Its pretty intimidating at first when you realize that your post is read by scores of folks and you may have just put a chunk of yourself out there to be judged. But in the long run that vulnerability fades as you have folks rally around you and really come out and support you or just start to follow your blog. Believe me, you make all the difference in the world on the darkest days/nights when you leave a supportive, caring comment. We all need the support once in a while and its awesome to know someone understands or just cares enough to reach out. 🙂

My entire point when I revamped this blog and decided putting my journey out there in front of mankind as a whole, is to let someone who perhaps  may be in darkness or suffering from the same things I went through….to let them know they are NOT alone…although it may seem like it. There is someone out there whom truly cares and has been through the exact same things you might be dealing with. Connecting on a human level is one of the best ways to support someone, even if you have no idea that you just touched another’s life in some way. It’s the effort that really counts at the end of the day, and that makes blogging all the more worth it.

This is why I am also going to make a point to try at least to blog once a week…(perhaps more if inspiration strikes along the way that week) and to make a point to share my journey. It might just be course related posts or rants (depending) but either way, that is my goal. Blogging gives us a real chance to reach out and touch another’s life …..and maybe even meet some new and interesting people. 🙂 It’s truly a worthwhile venture and this is why I’m always grateful to have my blog on here. I haven’t posted any recipes lately so look for those to be showing up more as well. **As I usually note, if they are not my own recipe I will note that before giving the recipe and the needed steps. The original author will always be noted and given credit as well as a link to where you may find the original recipe.**

Well readers, have a fantastic week!  Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

Once Again……..

blue    So …can I slap the person that once again, through their own selfish needs, got me sick?! No? Damn.  Get them sick again? Still NO?! Ugh FINE! As I write to you through a Nyquil induced fog (which btw, totally sucks!) I am thinking that since I moved into this house I have been sick every time I turn around. Not intentionally but when you have a teenager coming over who gets way more colds than the normal adult…..well you’re gonna get sick. This week I have fresh weeks for my courses…way to go.  Yes I’m a lil grouchy…ok downright bitter at being sick again and writing when I have a fever…..fan anyone? But thankfully this house is silent..and when your sick and battling a fever..all you want is silence..and to sleep. I am trying to resist that atm so I can write this post and hopefully nod out.  We’ll see as I haven’t been sleeping through the night again like I’d love to.  Yes  sleep has pretty much abandoned this sick person…and go figure, it’s what we need to get over being sick and on the road to being well again. Just my luck.


If you haven’t gotten sick this winter, consider yourselves lucky. I’ve been sick for most of it…like I said, not of my own doing. (No, really…this teen comes over, gets my roommate sick, then when I’m around him, he gets me sick. It’s a vicious cycle. Where oh where is the Lysol?!)    Anyways…I hope my readers are healthier and staying warm..and for those of you in the Northeast I hope you see some some sun at some point before Spring. We’ve had way too much of it here in California…so much that now we have this drought going on that could affect other states. Lovely. Don’t hold it against us…it’s really not our fault. Blame the jet stream….global warming..the Apocalypse (*which btw was supposed to have happened yesterday…the fact that I’m here writing to you is pure proof that ….it didn’t happen*)  Anyways point is ..don’t blame us. This really isn’t our fault and we are dying for more rain…which thankfully comes to us late next week..four days of rain. Unfortunately it isn’t even enough to begin helping the drought but at least it’s a soaking rain..so they promise.


We’ll see..they are also forecasting thunderstorms which if you took and passed basic high school science you would know is a bad thing…heat+dryness+no rain for months=fires. I already fear the upcoming fire season, which is late Spring into Summer and beyond into the Fall months  of September, October and November. Its been a bad winter here folks..we’ve already had our share of fires and it’s not even fire season yet.  So hope that before Summer hits that we get at least enough rain to combat the dry ground..otherwise we’re in for our private Apocalypse…aka Fire Season. Until next time,…Lisa.