Life itself has been busy lately, and stirred up thanks to the full moon, which I’m hoping when it enters a new phase, it calms down somewhat. I took a break again from blogging, and this weekend from most of my courses. After awhile they do tend to become overwhelming. I’ve also been busy trying to fix my webcam as it seems with most Gateway computers, especially the touch screen that I have, the webcams seem to no longer exist on the computer, meaning they cannot find it! I have turned the permissions on, and enabled the camera, and nothing came of it, have also tried to locate proper drivers to update and that’s a headache in itself, even with the serial number.  Also, Chrome is having some buggy issues itself lately…..with black spots appearing all over websites.


In other news,  I’m beginning to think California skipped Spring this year and went straight into Summer, as it’s been in the 80’s lately and it’s only late April. The nights are warmer now as well thanks to the Marine Layer coming in as we transition seasons. Soon enough it’ll be warm here in the morning and especially at night, and then humid as well.  For now, it’s beginning to warm up already and we have had some Santa Ana winds coming in as well and this next week we are supposed to have a chance of rain late Tuesday night into Wednesday, which we need before the hot, drier months hit and fire season begins once again. Last year was pretty bad for the county as thousands were displaced. I just hope it’s not that bad, once again.


As far as anything to do with me in other news, it’s been relatively quiet in the real world. We got my mom set up with PACE (Google it) and we have a visit scheduled to their facilities upcoming to check out and that should be interesting. The whole idea sounds nice on the surface but I’ll know more when I see the building(s) itself/themselves to judge for myself. On the whole, it’s through the church she attends so it can’t be too bad. We shall see how that ends up turning out however.


I’m still healing although I’m further than where I was when I initially wrote entries about it here, describing what I was going through at that time. Healing happens in stages it seems and not all of it is healed quite yet, it just takes time for those wounds to close and scar over. Moving forward despite being wounded assists in that process however, thankfully. Anyway that’s the latest from my lil corner of the world. 🙂



New Years Day.

So far is being spent listening to football in the background and recovering from moving furniture and heavy boxes around for hours yesterday. I’m happy with the result and I know I’ll be fine tuning things when I’m not so sore. I’m not one to set resolutions…because they never stick. However, I am grateful to see 2017 gone as it was a harsh year. I’ve learned a lot and am still healing and recovering from the mayhem and chaos.


I’m also trying to  do more coursework rather than let it slide, especially with self paced courses.  Those are great however… can forget about them and there’s no set deadlines to finish quizzes, assignments, readings etc so it’s easy to forget about them completely and come back a month or two later. Opps! I moved things around on the desk to accommodate notebooks etc and then let the courses slide. Not a good idea!! It helps with achieving a balance between things and situations in my life.


Last year was mostly spent healing, recovering, moving, settling, disclosing, and figuring out and uncovering the truth about situations that had already occurred. Also mainly playing catch up with my courses, homework, readings and friends I hadn’t talked to in months. I actually had one friend tell me they had been trying to text me since June…I had forgotten to tell them I had changed my number. Opps!!!


I am hoping this year to be more on top of things and not in such a lost place….well maybe that is a resolution after all, eh? 🙂 Have a safe, warm and gentle new years day. 🙂



Well…I guess you won’t be staying?

In the midst of investing in my life, health and education….I’ve noticed more people are simply falling away from my life. Some are quiet about it and I prefer that but yet some are simply noise makers who love to be heard. I figured changing my focus would ruffle the feathers of some….but all? Some of them are people I’ve known for years now…some have stayed by my side and helped me along the way, and some just disappear under the radar. Normally no big deal, but when they make causes problems. Such as when they announce on a homepage to everyone that they’ve unfriended you. Ridiculous, really.

But I hear these things are completely normal….people naturally fall away that do not have the same vibration as yourself when you try to improve your life. I have been working on improving my life lately…as you’ve no doubt read in my posts. I love the saying ” The secret of change is not to spend energy on the old, but to spend it on building the new” …..and have been living by this for almost a month now. I’m not saying I don’t love the ones whom have stood by my side for years and are still in my life…I am just saying that I don’t need to expand so much energy on the old. After all….telling sad stories from your past tends to make them linger into your future. With my past..I’d rather it just stay away altogether.

I’m beginning to really make peace with my past and move away from it..which is a healthy, necessary step to take. Unfortunately that means certain people won’t end up with me on the same path which is just fine. Everyone has their own journey and everyone struggles with something. I’m just happy they are removed and the energy associated with them is wiped away as well. Makes way for the new and positive and that’s all that matters in the end. In some ways I suppose I can view it as a narrowing of my life as I am focused on myself…but in some ways that’s a limiting version of the truth.

The current people in my life don’t need to be struggling with anyone in my life  …and truth be told I have people in my social circle from all facets of life, diverse backgrounds, religions, countries..etc. However, I do tend to protect people who I am close too and if that means removing someone whom is toxic then that is what must be done to preserve my sanity and well-being, not to mention my peace of mind. That’s the sad part of improving one’s self…people just fall away.

Improving your life and your self is one of the greatest acts of kindness you can perform…because without the right energy and taking care of one’s self..we are of no service to others. Like Lucille Ball has said “You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world” and she is absolutely spot on. You have to start with yourself if you wish to change the world, for it improves your outlook and what starts on inside always ends up manifesting on the outside. I’ve had great results with that mindset and I have to say I believe it to be so.

I had to find inner peace and well-being on the inside before I could make my outer physical world appear more peaceful and with that being the intent, when it was made so, people who brought conflict or tension were just removed. I let them go….I will not chase anyone anymore. If they are removed, or remove themselves, I figure it’s for my own good and something is being worked out behind the scenes. I just tend to follow the plan until I see His results and His intentions. I just have to have faith and trust in Him.

Patience is another thing I’m currently working on…or attempting to at least. I don’t have much in the way of patience anymore but I am trying to strengthen that character flaw. It is a much-needed characteristic because before all of this, I had bucket loads of it. I worked with a family, a rather large family that included two elementary school kids and an infant. Patience was a given..even when it was in short supply. This is one I am currently working on.

I have always said and claimed that I never expected my life to change so drastically and this is the truth. But in hindsight…it was truly needed to open my eyes to the reality around me and what wasn’t working in my favor any longer. I realized a lot of things about myself that I didn’t like…and some that I did. Needless to say my eyes are open and I’m noticing things that I didn’t take time to think of before. I still have some character flaws but I am moving beyond them now and expanding into new ways of being, thinking and seeing. I am far from perfect but I don’t have no need to reach perfection. I am only aiming to be a better version of whom I was. No more, no less. Perfection is an illusion..and I have no need for  illusions. I’d rather keep it real and live in reality.

As this has been happening, I have also noticed the continual upheaval in my life has disappeared. There are certainly bumps in the road, but the constant arguing and emotional drama/games have gone by the wayside. The more I’m my authentic self..the more everyone around me appears to be as well. I love the freedom I have to just be myself, or live and let live. It’s a more natural state to just be….and not expect anything.

When you don’t expect anything from anyone, you will not be disappointed. I have found this to be truth as well….I would rather just have peace, calm and occasional silence rather than conflict, upheaval and drama. I just don’t have time nor a place for it. I have also learned to just ignore the ones I don’t resonate that well with. That is for the best as well, overall. I am able to concentrate more on what I want in life and that includes my education. I can’t pretend I’m passing all of my courses with perfect marks but I am more invested this time around and making more of an effort to really concentrate and be focused.

Energy flows where attention goes so that make it a no brainer for me. I have simply decided to have a more peaceful, calmer life….and that includes focusing on my quizzes and materials that are presented to me each week. For example, I’d usually wait till the last-minute to start the first writing assignment in my English course, but this time I had it ready and waiting, saved on my laptop until I needed to submit it. I’m not claiming to be better prepared than the rest of my classmates, I just know that waiting to have it submitted leaves me with time to spare and focus on my other courses and time left over to type some blog posts. Its all about prioritizing..something I have learned well. I learned this the hard way…to be prepared. Too often I have waited until the last minute to complete and submit my assignment and paid the price with my grades.

I have definitely learned from those experiences. I have also finished my career portfolio and already applied to some jobs this week. Not bad for this only being Tuesday. Typically, I’m not so productive in a single week but these last few weeks have been very different. I have learned to prioritize and etch out those things that didn’t need to be accomplished or were of  no importance …in other words I delegated tasks a level of importance in my life. Those that were important were delegated. Those that can wait or be removed altogether? Eliminated entirely. 🙂  By the way…I’ve broken this post up into small, digestable paragraphs since it is long. I figured that would be a good idea. I don’t like reading blog entries that are one run on paragraph myself so I try to be considerate to my readers in this aspect.

It’s funny how quickly life can change…or stay the same. I say embrace life…and let it change you for the better. I hated change at one time, now I welcome it. Sometimes life has to fall apart before it can fall back together, but better, and stronger than ever before and the same can be said about a person as well. Sometimes you have to completely fall apart and then you can choose how you rebuild yourself. One thing that can be taken away from all of that is; you will be much stronger in the end for having experienced whatever it was that broke you. It took me seeing that with my own eyes to really internalize and believe that. It also won’t rain forever, and that took me a long time to believe as well. All I kept seeing was the storm, instead of the good in my life I had around me the entire time. Well…I will digress for now..since this is a rather long post. Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

An interview offer, a walking routine, target audience. (Blogging 101 assignment)

The heat has decided to finally slam us with mid 90’s and a dry heat. Mind you..we are enjoying a nice breeze….but at the moment, its 95 degrees outside. Yikes!! I am sitting here sipping on green tea (hot) and listening to a marketing lecture, determined to finish this first week, as I only have a couple more videos to go. Then I am debating whether I want to battle the heat and go for my walk….we shall see. I am trying to stay on track and stay motivated and determined because it’s for the best. But man …its hot out there!

There is some good news to pass along …when I came home last night, I had an email sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to read it. It was an interview offer….apparently for the banquet server position I had applied to. Nice right? 🙂 Definitely…I am happy to have the offer. I just emailed a reply to the company, after all I can’t afford to waste it. I am hoping it turns out to be fruitful! I am really hoping everything keeps on being positive..and turns out successful in the long run. It’s indeed much-needed and also appreciated. I am seeing things turn around for the first time in many months and I am also starting to see the proverbial “fruits of my labor” as they take shape. I am definitely hoping for the best.

I just finished my walk…adding a bit more ground to it in fact. I always feel like I have more energy and stamina when I return, and yes I’m already feeling it in my legs. But its a welcome ache.

Walking or running legs in forest, adventure and exercising in summer nature

Walking or running legs in forest, adventure and exercising in summer nature *not my picture*. 

So…target audience. My readers (both present and new) are my “target audience”. All of you whom take the time to read my ramblings, my sometimes LONG posts…are my dream audience. Every. Single. One. Of. You. You make my blog what it is…and in turn we all make this platform flexible for everyone, allowing us to share what we will, and in turn leave encouraging comments or even a “like”. These things are appreciated, believe me. 🙂 We couldn’t do this without you! 🙂

I have been reading some new blogs lately….and I have found some really nice ones that I believe have some strong potential to really take off and bloom. Just hang in there and have the faith that you can make your blog all that it can be… once you get into the groove of blogging it becomes second nature to just write freely and smoothly. Some are using this as a platform to debut their writing…and to them I say this: Kudos! From the ones I’ve read so far, you’re doing wonderful. Keep it up! 🙂 I enjoy reading the blogs and I make sure to at leave the author a like or a comment. I have found freedom in just writing….just putting my thoughts out there. There is a certain amount of freedom when you stop worrying what others think about you or what you post…that is one of the greatest mental freedoms. Just write what you know of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given.

I have one last video to finish up this week of Marketing…I have yet to un-pause the video. I haven’t lost motivation yet…to be honest marketing is pretty banal material. It is completely worth learning but ……there’s a lot of information to digest about brands and the customers, and the link between the two. If you ever stumble across a business major…. just know that they are digesting a lot of information. There’s tons of material we have to memorize and know to make it in the business world and to make sure that when we put the skills to work they run smoothly. Sometimes, it can be a tad overwhelming. But we do it because it’s what we are aiming for…and its one of our goals. Just as writing my blog is one of my other goals…its an easy one to aspire and conquer. 🙂

Another one of my goals which I’m slowly conquering is to finally finish the books I’m reading. I believe I’m reading about nine books at once…of which two are paperbacks. I need to get to reading and finish them at some point. Ah well..I have time. 🙂 Well I think I shall end this here. Have a good Wednesday!  Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

New Plan, New Path.

So last night I decided to head into an entirely different direction than I have been up until now. I started a plan for the next few months since I have the time to devote to this: Business courses (the MBA path I was on), The GFC (Global Freshman Courses) I have signed up to take, my Write101X course I’m currently enrolled in, my career portfolio and of course applications. It gets my head onto the path I’m on and off the path I don’t belong on anymore. In doing so, I take myself out of the equation and therefore I don’t have to deal with the negativity so much anymore either. It’s just a better idea, and I’d rather invest in myself than invest energy into the supernatural world….which doesn’t have power unless given some.

I have signed up to take MBA-oriented course again because I was taking them..and got drastically off course. I don’t mind taking a history course but…when the one you’re currently taking ends in a few weeks…..well you’re better off letting it go and taking a better path. It’s just time I honestly invested in myself….and its nice to leave the past where it belongs…at least in my head. This is also a really good platform to track my progress (in words/posts) on this path and these courses. So we shall see where this path leads…eventually. Every path leads somewhere….I just have yet to find out where this one leads, and that is fine. Its the journey that counts in the long run anyways.

I decided to take charge and let this path have my attention….instead of the other way around. I have a few months to make sure my life goes on this path so I might as well take it. We shall see. Either way, where I’m headed now is so much better than where I was.. and its better than being lost in the confusion and the haze I was in for far too long. Now I know where my life’s headed and I can put  energy and effort into making this concrete and solid. In other words out of my thoughts and into my own reality…where it makes sense to me, and that’s all that matters. it’s definitely time to turn over the proverbial “new leaf” and just move forward in life instead of being stuck in the rut. That rut is deep…..and has been dug too many times. I discovered all of this while thinking these last few nights on some advice I was given….and once I got past the frustration of being under orders..I saw the message that was being delivered underneath it all.

I’m not writing this post to preach to you but I am shedding light on my ideals and my thoughts simply for myself. it is always helpful to have someone on your side as you begin in a whole fresh direction in life and so I bring you all along with me….and a few select friends as well. I’m being very selective this time so I am not pulled along on the wrong path or get distracted all over again. For years I’ve wanted to get a solid education…but when I tried, I was diverged by other people, or more accurately..other responsibilities such as a family and all of their commitments and milestones. Now that I have time for myself I am making a commitment to myself…and just investing my energy into that. Period. No ifs, ands or buts. No exceptions. Eventually,  people who do not follow the same path will eventually fade away or fall away….which has already started matter of fact. I’m just watching them fade….because they no longer serve a purpose in my life and I’m not willing to hang onto anyone that doesn’t wish to stay. No point holding someone back as far as I’m concerned…I was held back for too long and I know how frustrating it can be. It’s just not where my life is headed anymore so…..the quicker they fall away, the better.

I have also decided to not participate in others’ drama…they can suck you in and then judge you for being upset at the issue. It’s not worth it….I’ve learned people can make drama drag on for months, maybe even years…just to get attention. I don’t have to be sucked in nor be involved, and my life is smoother due to that change. It is really sad that adults love that drama..but really all it does is narrow your view, pull you in and sucks the life out of you. It also serves to take the focus off yourself and puts it onto the issues of others….rare is the person whom decides to avoid it and goes their own way these days. It’s not worth it to me. I don’t have the energy for meaningless conversations that just go around in circles….or serve to steer me off my path. No way, no how. If you find yourself on this path yourself you will find that your life is much more peaceful and centered. You might also find your purpose while you’re at it. 🙂

More Courses.

I have to re-post this seeing the first time I did…I am guessing I didn’t publish it? I couldn’t find it at any rate. Anyways I just wanted to give you a quick update on what I am doing..I branched out from Coursera and Edx to find some other quality online education sites. The ones I found are Udemy and Alison. On Udemy I have found a Geography course that makes sense to me and I love! 🙂 ❤ I have also found a Biology course since I didn’t do well the first time around..I’m giving it another shot. Also I will include an article I am currently reading about students and coffee…...  I will write a lengthier blog entry next time, dear readers… until next time..Lisa. 🙂 ❤