Welcome to The Orchid! I’m glad you stopped by. As you can tell, you can choose from a variety of menus to find some interesting content. I have recently listed several posts by content and tags….making it easier to “search” for them without wasting time going through a bunch of old posts. Also, you will notice that the menus highlight what each section contains..therefore making it simpler than ever to navigate and enjoy this blog.

If you’re wondering who I am..I’m a 37 y/o woman living in Spring Valley, Ca. It’s rural out here which is fine with me. If you would like to follow along, then please feel free to “follow” and “like” this blog.  Curious where this all got started? New to the blog and searching for earlier content? I would suggest clicking on “courses” and searching for the first post.  Alternatively, you may also enjoy the archives. You may then follow along through various entries..how I came to embrace the rural life as compared to the city life. Are you a fellow baker? Then you may enjoy the “I love to bake!!” section..which boasts recipes for sharing and enjoying. Unless noted immediately, ..the pictures or recipes are my own. Are you perhaps an animal lover? Then by all means..check out the “Pets” section. Interested in stories (all true) of where I live? Or looking to see some pics? Check out the “Home And Family” section.

Either way, I am sure you will find content that you will like or perhaps love. Comments are always appreciated, so please do not be afraid to leave me one. If you have a wish to contact me directly…then you can do so using the “How To Contact Me” section. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my blog. 🙂

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