Teaching myself investing.

With a free stock market simulator at Investopedia.com It’s confusing at first, tons of unfamiliar terms to learn and then utilize. I’ve read so much on investing already but I’ve only scratched the surface and that doesn’t include the investment newsletters. Smh. So far it’s not so bad actually….no actual cash is used so no financial downfall if a stock doesn’t pan out. It’s all done with fake virtual cash….so no risks at all. The worst thing is that I’ll have to cancel my portfolio and start over, if needed.


After everything fell apart again, I decided well….oh well. I wasn’t going to stay stuck in one place again, so moving forward and on. Investing is one thing I never understood…so changing that. It’s still a bit daunting but not as bad as before.


Little at a time, I suppose. For now I’m finished with the course I was taking through the library here, until they decide to contact me that is. So moving along…..I have other courses that need my more immediate attention, and are much more involved.


I haven’t moved out of the first unit of Western Political Thought yet either….that unit is complex due to lots of books being involved, videos, PDF’s and typically another classic to read.


So far they are switching between the works of Aristotle and Plato, assigning various works and chapters to show us the foundation of the western style of political thinking. It’s a dense course but worth it because at the very least they also give you a solid literature lesson as well. So it’s a win-win, just dense.



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