Learning investing.

Today I signed up with wall street survivor, a virtual cash stock trading game. I decided to learn about investing but I don’t want to cough up my own money to do so. So, hence the stock game.

I am investing in myself again, since I’m burned out otherwise. I also passed my final exam today in the course I was taking through the San Diego library. Passing was 70% and I passed eight percent above! 🙂


I also signed up for part two of the course, which is 750 hours long, or 31.25 days on length. Yikes but completely do able. Even with my other courses being as, if not more, demanding. Overall today was a productive day, which is great because it was also a hot one.


Speaking of, we have some ninety degree days coming as well, unfortunately. The nights are already getting cooler ahead of time. I’m ready for summer to be over already and for cooler weather to come in.



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