Hello again.

We’re close to being through with summer, to which I say good riddance! Only due to the heat and humidity however. Blah. It’s been a long, busy summer for me and I do apologise for not commenting on anyone’s blog, something I hope to fix soon.

I’ve been busy the last week or so with a final (still have to re take it), a library course online which is just a pre-requiste for this program I’m trying to get into. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads ..getyourdiploma.com? Anyway turns out it’s actually a legitimate venture and if accepted I can take ged prep courses online, free. With assistance because in math, because I know I could use it.

Anyways they also apparently do career prep as well so it was worth checking into for me and a way to propel my life forward. On top of that I’m busy on fb fielding comments (I’m aware it’s a waste of time) and also taking Hillsdales newest courses.

Oh and doing an endless amount of laundry. Does laundry ever really end? Today was productive in that I managed to change my sheets, pillowcases and re make my bed, in this heat. Sweeping my room felt great as well.

I’m not one for excuses so I won’t tolerate then from myself on here. I’ve simply been busy and tired, and so ready for summer to exit and cooler weather to come back. After awhile 86° does get on ones nerves.

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