New Start.

I was recently on the receiving end of a smear campaign orchestrated by someone who allegedly loved me. 🙄 No one acts in such a vile way and loves someone.

I have recently shut it down…. mainly because my voice was the loudest at the end of everything. Unfortunately someone was whining about my lack of direct response on my end to them to absolutely anyone who would listen. In the end I deleted all known Gmail accounts and opened a new one and deleting known fb’s. So that’s taken care of. That’s where I’ve been lately.


That and taking and making progress in new courses as well, intro to Western Political Thought and professional writing. These two alone have a bunch of reading associated with them so they so take most of my time.


It’s nearly the fourth already! Time flies by so fast..  we decided to grill out this year again, since the weather will be perfect for it. 🙂  Then fireworks later on that night, usually from the park. Makes for a safe holiday. 🎇🎆

We also had to tackle the literal wall of ivy along the driveway, and I cut away the excess growth along the driveway by hand, including ivy, branches and leaves. When I was finished with that, we found not only that the driveway is nicely lined with bricks, but also we have a palm tree in our yard.


I hope everyone has a safe but fun fourth of July. I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll get done this summer as most of my life I don’t blog about. I shall make the attempt however.


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