Hello 2019 and readers.

I’ve been really busy and as a consequence, really tired as of late. There’s been many things going on at the same time lately. I feel like now I can somewhat begin to breathe from everything.

My courses have been going fine, they are demanding however. Tons of reading’s, finals, quizzes and still a Polisci final to study for.

Of course the biggest news is that I have met someone new and we are currently engaged. ❤️💍👰 🙂 We recently became engaged so I haven’t waited too long to share the development! 🙂 🙂

As of now I’m trying to get through a twelve page assigned reading about the supreme Court nominees and one in particular, Brandeis. I’m taking EdX’s course on the Supreme Court. 🙂

I just wished to briefly update all of you on the latest. Have a great week!!!