I’ll be thirty six this Sunday and it doesn’t feel like it.

It doesn’t feel as though I’ll be turning 36 at all…I guess because I’ve been so focused on other things that it feels as though it’s just another day in the far off distant future. I’m too tired to be excited much, but I mainly know it’s because nothing special is done that day. If I’m lucky I can put my feet up and chill. I guess they do say that you get tired as you get older and I can certainly attest to that piece of sage insight, because I am exhausted myself.


It’s just been crazy making drama that I don’t actually need in my life and today I let it go. The way I see it I don’t want to get older and still be dealing with the same situation I have been all this time, for years.  Plus it’s the only way I’ll heal realistically. I’m so far off the mark for being what I was a year ago, I was much stronger,calmer and open to life again. I’m not that way these days however, therefore a break is needed from spirituality. I truly need time to just be myself, by myself, for myself and not explain, justify, defend or answer to anyone but HIM ^ (God.)


That’s where I’ve been readers, off trying to fix that situation that I guess just can’t be fixed any longer and letting them deal with their own mess, and learn the ropes themselves is the only way I’ll actually have a chance to heal and reclaim my space. I’m beginning to realize how sore I am as well. Getting older is a privilege denied to many as they say, and as cliche as that sounds, for myself it’s true. I am fortunate to be turning thirty six and be alive to witness it and then some (I hope.)


Okay onto happier news….if you haven’t been on Hillsdale’s online courses website they changed it around quite a bit. I guess they decided to eliminate altogether the quizzes and discussion forums, even in the older courses. Those were nice but they also caused some problems. So if you’re interested, it might be something to check out. They are also releasing two new courses…one is currently released entitled “Congress: How it worked and why it doesn’t.”  The other is forthcoming and so far there’s no information on it as of yet.