Safe, finally!!

I had to get out of that room….I was determined to not see another sunset in it. Well, so I one day.  I am finally settled, but most of all, I’m much happier and more relaxed as well. I have privacy which means the world to me. I also have my freedom back which is very important to me as well. I can study out here, do my laundry, and watch my shows without any criticism. For the first time in four years, I heard silence in my room. I am very grateful to be out here and not deal with all the stress I’ve endured. On another good note, I believe the fence is finally up and in!! It’s a new privacy wooden fence with steel posts to reinforce the wooden posts, I believe. Regardless, I’m glad that it’s fixed and up…and the last one was hauled away. The weed whacker should be here by next week so that’ll come in handy to maintain the yards rather than let it grow so thick & out of control.


I am so grateful to be free of all that nonsense and drama. Definitely time for a fresh start when I can relax and be happy. Anyway, I had  to write an update from all the drama I’ve already posted on here. Plus now I can take my time and study at my own pace thankfully. I am finally able to relax and have some peace….and in the end, that’s what matters. 🙂


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