Been awhile…and Christmas is coming up.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, again. I’ve been busy trying to get my life straightened back out, as it’s become a mess again. I really appreciate the readers whom are loyal and hang on with me from post to post and the long, dry stretches in between. There will usually be times with me where I do not post anything for a while. Regardless, I decided to post tonight because I need somewhere to vent and put my thoughts down into words. The past came roaring back, not once, but twice and is thankfully cleared up now except for some nagging details. Although we had some weird things take place last night about three am. My tv died when I tried to banish this pesky spirit and a shadow fell over my room. Go figure, it’s occurred before. This kind of thing has been going on in this room for three years now and I’m basically used to it.


The good news is that Christmas is coming up….:)  We have the house decorated and all ready to go for the Holidays. Although this year doesn’t feel like Christmas at all to me…too much darkness has invaded my room many times. The light usually ends up winning, however.  The darkness I speak of isn’t man-made, but spiritual in nature. It sneaks in, or sometimes shoves it’s way in and then spreads over every area of my life. It really does suck because it brings in so much lower energy, and trying to fight through that is majorly energy-consuming. This is why I took so much time away from my spirituality path because I needed to heal and I needed to gain my energy back. After awhile, the darkness and negativity take a huge toll on you, emotionally, physically and especially spiritually. It also destroyed my faith and belief in angels as I was told I was practicing “satanism” (which I know now, of course, that I’m not) by someone who basically wanted to destroy me for their own gain. The good thing is that I survived and they ended up being lessons in the end. Which is all that really counts? So here I am once again picking up the pieces of my life, deciding what I want to keep or just leave behind. That’s the hard part.


if you’ve had your life completely fall apart due to a haunting or any type of bad run with spirits, then you know what I’m speaking of. I no longer blame the haunting for how my life’s turned out, there isn’t a reason for that as it’s long gone and over. Mostly I’m trying to find my way back to where I was again with no compass this time. All in due time, I guess, though…..