The Protests.

I usually don’t tackle the major headlines happening in the world, but I do have more than a few things to say about them, so here goes: First of all, I really do not care who you voted for, it’s none of my concern. Second, why bother taking to the streets to protest? We can’t even impeach the man yet! We still have a few more months of Obama in the White House…and here everyone is going nuts over someone the country voted in. We, the people, spoke. This is a country based on freedom, not oppression…and certainly not all the hatred and division we’ve seen lately. On the whole, people voted the way they did because they want someone different. So, in all fairness, why not just give the man a chance? Students are leaving behind good classes, which these days are expensive, and they are walking out of college courses to protest. Does that help your future at all or work towards your degree? Not really. They are leaving their families behind to take to the streets…and the Holidays are upcoming.


Everyone was in such an uproar over the Black Lives Matter protests, and Ferguson (Remember those? I do.)  And why was that? Because they were protesting and blocking off intersections. In time those became violent as well, and if given enough time, and enough fuel, these will, as well. There are always going to be differences in this country, but that’s what freedom and democracy are built on. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. Do we have the right to free speech about the election? Of course, but I do believe we are taking advantage of that right. We also have the right to peacefully assemble, until we don’t. No matter who would have become elected, there would have been protests….the only difference is the gender and face that will represent the majority of Americans. Everyone was eventually unhappy with Obama….and now that we have a change in the next few months, and a Republican administration, we’re upset. I believe that this country ought to give him a chance and let us see what he can do. He’s an excellent negotiator which will come in handy when we have diplomatic ties that are extremely sensitive.


Personally, this country is no longer the country I was born into so many years ago. It’s become a country of oppression, hatred, anger and bigotry. Perhaps the issue isn’t being “overly sensitive/offended” …… perhaps it is the way we conduct ourselves in our everyday lives? We think it’s just fine and acceptable to hurt others..what happened to values and morals in this country? What happened to love your neighbor? (Yes, I’m guilty of breaking that commandment all the time!)  We don’t need to be ruled by a tyrannical leader…we have done this to ourselves, folks. It is easy to blame Obama….that way, we don’t have to take accountability. But did he tell you to go shoot the police officers? Did he order you? Nope. Did he tell you to break down race relations so far, that we’re basically back to the times BEFORE we had the Civil Rights act???? NO! Nor did he order that, either!  We accepted same-s*x couples and even passed marriage rights for them….now they are scared of the Establishment because we’ve decided to mistreat them and put the blame elsewhere. Muslims are targeted daily, simply because of a religion difference. One bad Extremist Muslim equals all are terrorists? Sorry, but that doesn’t equate.


Then there’s the issue of immigration.Well, okay let us go back centuries here. This was NEVER our country, to begin with! WE came here…and this was already home to the Native Americans. The same natives we ran off their open lands and onto reservations..remember? I do. Then we brought in others, from around the world, and we turned into a melting pot of religions, differences, ethnicities, etc. We established trade with these folks, and trade routes. It’s what made America shine, and it worked! Now, we are against immigration at a time when Syria is basically a country of ruins? We turn them away when they need somewhere to go?  That doesn’t sound right… dare we be against immigration when WE ourselves are immigrants!! Everyone supporting ousting the recent wave of immigrants forgets that fact. By the time we discovered America, it was already populated, and we ran them off after they accepted us and helped us to settle the colonies. That makes us hypocrites of the worst sort. After all, we ran them off…and took over, thinking nothing of it. (Trail of Tears spark a bell?) So then, who are we to close our borders to immigrants fleeing war, famine, and terrorists in Syria? Maybe a terrorist is hidden amongst them, they cry. Okay, do background checks and deport those who come up with ties to terrorism, but closing our borders to human beings who need help is the lowest sort of cowardice I’ve seen yet.


This goes along with building a wall. Really, America?  Have we learned nothing in the last millennia?  We invade Mexico daily…we traverse their borders peacefully to eat their food, partake in their customs, and their culture…and we’ve had peace with them coming and going here daily. Now we want to build a wall against them?  Find the illegal ones and deal with them, rather than punish a whole culture. The way we are doing things now isn’t going to work for long and eventually, it’s going to collapse. I’d hate to see this mess end up on the next generations shoulders to solve. We are not creating a country I’d be proud to pass on, instead we are creating a country that is similar to Hitler’s Germany. We were built on freedom and opportunity for all, and unfortunately America, you’ve gotten so far from this ideal, it’s frightening. Is this the country we want our children inheriting? I’d hope not. We’ve gone way off track as a country…and we are blind to it. Someone had to put this in the public eye and be blunt and unapologetic about it, because sooner or later, this is all going to die down, including the propaganda and rhetoric. We are so divided that no ruler or President has to make us this way, we do it to ourselves America! Sheesh. Remember the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall?” Well…you have a glimpse of what occurs when we are divided, and the truth is we do indeed fall. Open your eyes folks….before this gets any worse.




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