The journey ahead…and back.

The journey ahead…and back to myself and God was a bumpy one indeed. It still is rather rocky, but HE didn’t promise a life of ease. After a particularly confusing night and the following day, I decided to accept Him back into my heart and see where that journey leads. I think one day this mess and nonsense I’m still sorting out will be finished and will then make sense, but until then I’m trying to keep my patience. It seems I cannot write or type anything on the computer without angelic eyes being nosy. I won’t bash God …or the Son, or the Holy Spirit. But I am here to write out my thoughts and about my path back to His arms…and if you wish to not read any further, then you have every right to click off. 🙂


Now..back to my main point. I went to His arms after a long, confusing night/day. He did indeed give me a second chance, although of course, I think I’m not worthy of it. I’ve dealt with the darker aspect of Spirituality and veered far off my chosen path. I have since found my way back and other than some things that are still being ironed out, it seems that things are quiet and peaceful once again. When it becomes too dark, I tend to stop writing and just ride it out, wherever it tends to lead. I’ve worked so hard to have peace back into my life and I’m determined to keep it there. Peace is the greatest weapon one can have in their lives and it comes from inner peace first, then sprouts out from there. I’m also determined to have my privacy…..angels tend to read every single thing I write, no matter if it’s on my phone or this computer. Seriously becoming sick of it so that is another aspect I have to work on yet.


I had started some bible studying classes online and now, of course, I cannot locate them. However, I believe I have found something better. That’s always the way. Anyway,  I know I haven’t written on a regular basis for quite some time now but when I have to battle the enemy and his dark forces, I’d rather not put that karma out there on any forum such as this. It, unfortunately, tends to spread that way, I’ve noticed. But I am safely back in His arms again, where I belong! 🙂 ❤ 🙂   (Just gotta work on these angels…hmmm…)  I’m already 34 years old…and I just want to make peace in my life the mainstay. I’ve been battling drama, anger, rage, anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc for three years now. It has just now in some ways, become better, stayed the same in others. Most of the trouble stemmed from my questioning of God’s Will…I persistently kept asking Him why he would remove people from my life, with a little explanation it seemed. Then I found out why….and that really hurt my faith in Him for quite awhile. However, He stayed close to me and waited so patiently for me to finally find my way back. 🙂 ❤    I love Him and the Son, and His Holy Spirit so in the end that’s all that really matters.


Why am I sharing this? Because several years ago, I shared with you the beginning, middle and end of my journey into darkness and evil, and so am now sharing my transition from the dark to the light. As I write this, there are angelic eyes reading this behind me….shaking my head. So I end here… Giod is good folks!!! 🙂 ❤


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