Finally back.

I’ve been mobile lately, and unfortunately Google Play Store doesn’t seem to have a WordPress app… However, Bloggers included. My laptop crashed about a week or so ago by now, just got a message about memory suddenly being overcompensated then it just died.. Wouldn’t boot back, up for anything. We tried everything but unfortunately, my laptops toast. I think half the problem is that it was running Vista… An outdated version of Windows by now, but came pre-installed with the laptop. (Go figure. That’s how old that laptop is!)   I’ve had it for years and while I definitely prefer a laptop over a desktop,.the one I have now isn’t half bad. In fact, it works really well, once I got used to it and customized it to my likings. I’m just happy to have anything at this point, truth be told. I’m slowly getting used to Windows Ten.. (Or is it seven? Hmm…  The monitor says seven, previous owner says ten.. Hmm)  Well, whichever version it is, it takes some getting used to, and to figure out after only knowing Vista for so many years.


Anyway,  I am finally back on a computer. 🙂  This is where I’ve been, plus I have some heavy coursework this go around, with AP Psychology 1,2 and eventually 3, AP writing, and a course from Hillsdale College Online about the Supreme Court. Plus others I’ve been neglecting. Also,  before the laptop died, I was writing and uploading study guides (legally) and selling them (legally) online, so I’ve been busy. Just lately, finally, found myself some down time, to unwind, deal with things that needed to be hashed out, and relax. I needed that.. It’s been a stressful time here, as of late. But now I think the tide’s finally turning on this… I hope so, at least. Too much stress… And that is a silent killer I hear. Well, in more cheery news, the weather today is supposed to be hot, which at this moment is fine with me, considering I’m sitting here in a hoodie. The expected high today is a toasty ninety degrees….And its Autumn. I can’t wait for the cooler days to begin, but I do believe we have a while to go before those start.


I also have gotten my long hair cut about a month now ago now as well. I couldn’t stand constantly putting it in a bun anymore every single day. The weight of it and constantly going through so much shampoo was really getting to me. Plus, it had tons of dead ends…. So I have it in a bob cut, which brings out the natural curl in it, unfortunately. Anyway, I should get this posted and then begin some coursework. I’ll try to write on a more regular basis. Thanks for hanging in there with me during my silences, readers. 🙂 I really appreciate it. 🙂