Taking a break from FaceBook.

I know it seems foreign these days to not use Face Book….but I need some time away from everything that is contributing to my stress. That includes social media….the team…the attacks at night…anything that detracts from my peace of mind. That absolutely needs to be my number one priority at the moment. I haven’t had much peace in several years, unfortunately and it’s been driving me crazy. Seems when I get stressed over things, then the activity seems to follow suit and pick up. Go figure, eh? The thing I’m trying most to get away from for good, is the thing that’s stressing me out and picking back up! It’s a vicious cycle for sure. We had just fixed everything and it was calm…..I’m really not sure what changed that considering when it did switch I was in a peaceful state of mind. At the moment peace is the main priority and concern. I will be posting mainly to Blogger….but I haven’t forgotten this account either, readers. I have been dealing with healing from a dark period in my life which took a total of three months to remove, and now I’m in the healing process. I’ve just decided today to make this a reality…so I took the 99 days without FB challenge…which as you know is three months total! O.O


I am not alone in thinking that’s a tad extreme…but seriously…I need that time away from just about everyone & everything. I feel overwhelmed at the moment with everything piling up….and I need to live a slower life. So that’s that & the main motivation behind it. I’m using Buffer.com to post scheduled updates on my behalf….so I will be around, in a sense…just not physically logging in. There really is a life behind all this stress I’ve taken on and shouldered for the last three years and I intend to find that life again, however, the fact that I used to just walk away from stress & move on, and haven’t done so now, shows me which actions I need to take in my daily life to unwind & approach a new direction. I was happier before I moved here…maybe it was not a constant, but I was happier…and I knew that holding onto anything negative wasn’t a good idea. Well, that same concept applies now. I just want to move forward, out of this situation and find my peace. I feel like I’ve been living a roller coaster of a life lately when it should have been a smooth ride.


Unfortunately, this also means cutting people out for awhile…at least the ones causing stress.  It is entirely possible I’ve been stressing myself out as well needlessly…but I’m not entirely certain of this, only because it does shift away the rightful accountability that belongs to the ones whom stirred things up for so long. I just think they are accountable, but the majority of the stress is from a prolonged situation that shouldn’t have been so prolonged. So…in a nut shell, there is my explanation. I just believe in peace and I believe that if given a real chance, it’ll change the perspectives here as well as the current situation. I also refuse to be pulled in so many different directions…..and to be told that my healing isn’t important due to someone else who hasn’t had as much direct engagement with this situation here, as I have, that they need time away to heal. They are avoiding responsibility, and that’s that. It’s an excuse as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t have time for excuses or stories anymore.


I’m just trying to fix my life as I see fit, and if that meets with upheaval, then I know where the source of stress is and what or indeed, who to eliminate. Life isn’t meant to be lived as a constant source of stress, no matter what. Some stress is healthy, and not avoidable, but not to the point that it becomes a detriment to one’s health. I know eventually, I’ll be fine and back to where I used to be…but for now, I need this time to hibernate and heal. So..enough’s enough as far as I’m concerned. So…here’s to healing. Until next time, Lisa. 🙂