Detoxing from too much toxic negativity.

I’ve been trying to detox from all the negativity that has been cast my way recently. It’s a slow process….that comes in stages. One day you may feel normal (calm) and the next it might all get to you, way too easily. Today I can feel that I am beginning to heal from everything I’ve gone through in the last few months, and it’s nice to know. I have been fighting way too much lately, and not allowing peace to reside. Now I do know that not all of the lower energy is from myself….but I d contribute some of it and for that, I’m accountable. I also feel much lighter today….so I can definitely tell I’m beginning to heal from everything.


For the last few days, it’s been a constant battle between good and evil. Of course, good wins every time. However, it’s a draining experience, one of which I’m glad to have a chance to step back from for awhile now and find out what else there is to life, beyond this limited view. There is so much more out much to see, and experience. Even just taking a break from the battle, is refreshing in and of itself. This gives me a chance to heal, refuel, recharge and then begin again on a new course. I have decided that peace is much more important than the constant need to be right and I’ve also decided to take life a bit slower than I have been. It’s been a nice change of pace today for’s pretty quiet for once, which I always appreciate.  After awhile, the constant noise tends to get to me and irritates me. Today is and will end with being a good day overall…and that I appreciate more than anything else. I needed a day away from time flying past, and life being so chaotic and loud.


Its also cooler today…much cooler than it has been. We had our first taste of summer heat recently…when it was in the 90’s!  Typical June weather but here it tends to take a long while to get really hot. We tend to stay in the middle to upper 70’s until at least August and we are fortunate to have this breeze. All in all, it’s been a really slow day and that is what summer is all about….lazy, slow days.


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