Peace doesn’t come in a box.



So many details I cannot write about but in general, I can. Peace doesn’t come all boxed up with a pretty bow and wrapping paper. Its never delivered quite that simply. You have to want it, fight for it, and focus on it enough so that it manifests almost by itself. I’ve been trying to attempt peace in my life lately but so far what I get is the complete opposite. Its the sole reason I’m so moody….I prefer life to be simple, and uncomplicated. I wish for life to have some breathing room….not to be so boxed in and afraid to breathe or move. Most however, conform to living in a box and being afraid to step out of it and push the boundaries.

I have been forced to push them and keep on pushing until things change, and that is mostly why I’m losing patience with everything and everyone around me. I am constantly told to “trust the process” but that process is slow compared to today’s fast, technology driven society where we’re instantly gratified and typically have answers instantly at our fingers. So I’ve had to learn to have some patience with a slower way of doing things. It’s been frustrating, to say the least.


Also, when someone makes you question yourself when it’s clear they are the problem, step back and observe from a different perspective first before beginning the questioning. Make sure you’re not seeing it from a tainted point of view.




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