New Blog Post.

Things have finally settled into a new version of “normal” and its about time. All the tension has been dissolved and finally it feels like a normal, everyday room. We are still working out some final kinks, but they will eventually be sewn up and smoothed out, thankfully.

I’ve started over with my major due to some changes over at Saylor. didn’t make me too happy but it is what it is. I have to start over in Chemistry and Biology which is altogether a hassle considering I was halfway through it before they made the changes. It just feels peaceful, which naturally was the goal in question.

I made a point that this year, we will enjoy the summer…because we haven’t had that opportunity due to returning activity yearly. This time, it’s declined, dropped off to very minimal and hasn’t really been that much of a problem. I even made a check list….so lets hope this summer ends up going than we planned. 🙂