A set of new courses for 2016.

I have already signed up to take some new courses for the new year, courtesy of EDX and Coursera.  I have a literature course that delves into 19th Century classic Renaissance literature..that will be tons of reading, naturally but also should be worthwhile. There’s also some Freshman Academy classes I’ll be taking which will consist of Nutrition/health, two writing classes, a history course, and a  math course (not looking forward to that one.) Also apart from the Academy classes, I’ll be taking a climate change science course. I figured that with these, combined with the history course I’m taking plus the course I’ve taken already from Hillsdale, On Winston Chuchill, and now the one I’m in the midst of finishing, C.S. Lewis and his Letters of Apologetics, should definitely end up being a rounded out year. At least academic wise. I’ve also gotten a lot of reading completed since my charger died again a few weeks ago…and I am also attempting to read Madame Bovary.

So far I have about 56 or so archived books on my Nook that I’ve read…a few I just archived because I decided that I didn’t wish to read them after all. Anyways..I’ve decided to keep on going with the Freshman courses and I’m also happy to report that the finals in Human Origins, Civil War and Reconstruction, and Western Civilization have been completed! 🙂  I’m still awaiting my course grade from the Civil War course…I didn’t do so well with the Western Civ course or the Human Origins course but that is fine. I am also awaiting my certificate for passing the final for the Churchill course. I twas a busy, busy year for my courses and my life both and how I managed to accomplish any reading is beyond me. I can already tell 2016 is going to be very different…slower, calmer and quieter. Which personally suits me just fine. Things are quiet and peaceful and look to remain that way, for good. 🙂

Until next time, Lisa. 🙂