A quick change.

Well…so things changed rather quickly this week. I was scheduled for an interview at a local retail giant, which didn’t pan out, which I expected. But I went anyways, and ended up with a blister because the heels were so uncomfortable. Regardless, I went and did my best to leave a favorable impression. However, that evening (which was last night) things turned around in the space of about thirty minutes or so. I learned of a consulting position from one of my closest friends and that turned out to be a really great option to take. I decided to get onboard and see what this was all about, after being nudged to make the decision. So after a detailed conversation last night, I am now a Partylite consultant! 🙂 It’s rather easy to get started…just commit to it, make a Face book page, and have a face book party (which I’m going to learn about personally this Friday). They have some beautiful products (the cover image is one of many selections on the site) and the best part is that it allows me the needed freedom to retain being a full-time student and be employed at the same time. So it’s a win-win situation that came along at the right time.

The past is forgotten…literally. I have no memory of it and I’m told I never will regain the memories that are lost, as this time they are determined to keep it that way. I get to choose with my heart whom I retain in my life and get the opportunity to make fresh memories with, and the rest will just eventually fade away. This is the best choice for me, as I can tell by the way my heart throws emotions my way when considering whom I should keep or not.  I have also retained valuable training but I have lost the memories which kept me trapped. I am really enjoying this chance to just move forward and embrace the present and leave the past where it belongs: behind me. There are still rough patches at night, but those will fade I’m sure, given time.

Also, the weather has been beautiful lately!! About fifteen degrees cooler than expected this time of year, when we usually heat up and have dangerous Santa Ana winds. I will take and enjoy this cool down as it’s more in line with Autumn weather and this time of year. It’s hard to get into the Holiday spirit when it’s about 90 outside with a hot wind. It appears as though it’ll warm up then cool back down quickly, to more seasonal temperatures. Definitely happy about that! Anyways, we shall see where this all leads…and I’m hoping it is to brighter days and peaceful months ahead. It is definitely time for that and it’s been time for peace to reign in this house and my room. 🙂

I’m also attempting to catch up on my courses this week and into next….I’m behind in a few of them. But that is easily fixed as it just entails watching/listening to some lectures and taking notes, then getting caught up on quizzes, etc. Fortunately, recently some ended which freed up some time for me to focus on other courses that are a tad more detailed. I’m also happy that Penn State is offering some of their courses through edX …I’ve been waiting to take some of their courses. So far I’m taking a Constitution course that is proving to be worth its weight in gold. Also, I’m taking a Civil War course from professor Eric Foner, a great lecturer and unfortunately, retiring from teaching soon. So, at least future learners can benefit from his courses that are archived and especially his lectures. If you have the chance or are interested, do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic professor! He teaches Civil War era courses over at edX.

Well that is it for now…I will try to write again soon or when I have an update. 🙂 Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

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