This post is centered around an image I found on my FB newsfeed…it seems relevant and fitting.

happyLife turned controversial again for awhile…and now thankfully it’s settled back into peacefulness. I had to distance myself intentionally from someone…..my eyes opened and I didn’t like the untruths I was hearing. Furthermore, I hated the dissonance those untruths was creating. I will never understand why someone loves to stir up the drama and amp up the negative energy..just to have something to fight? To prove worth to someone? I will never know, and that’s fine with me. I don’t need the clarity…because I don’t need the darkness it would create. I also just simply don’t need the drama….I’m at the point in my life where enough is enough already..and it just simply needs to ‘be’. I hate being lied too…to me it says I’m not worth the truth. But in the end the deceits were uncovered and justice was served. I feel peace in my heart so I know I made the right decision. Sometimes the decision to distance yourself from the negativity allows the happiness to take over ..and it creates positive energy, clarity, peace of mind, etc.

I’m also doing much better in my courses. I finished a course the other day and a few more started. I passed High Impact Business Writing with a 92%!! 🙂 I was really happy to see that….it took me a week and a half to pass that last quiz. But I’m just content to let things be peaceful and quiet…and I won’t allow one person to mess that up.  Until next time, Lisa. 🙂


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