Spring Valley Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 91977

via Spring Valley Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 91977.

It’s currently 99 degrees outside at the moment. An hour ago it was still sitting at 100….I’ve decided to forgo my walk as seriously, that heat is dangerous to be outside in. I’m waiting for it to cool down to a reasonable temperature. This summer has been relatively cool, with 80’s, some 90’s….but it hasn’t really been oppressive until today. Oh sure there are places that are 115 and hotter but we’ve been pretty fortunate to avoid that heat. It’s usually in the Autumn months that we hit the higher end of the temps….and then after that, when most of the country is already well into the winter and with snow, we tend to have our fall weather. Southern California is usually behind like that…..we tend to have everything after the rest of the country. I don’t miss freezing in the winter however….I’ve dealt with my fair share of shoveling snow, breaking up ice (and as a result fell on the ice while I was at it) and scraping windows while the ice still falls around me. No thanks…I did that for five years and decided California’s hot, mild climate is more to my liking.

The summers on the coast are of course more to my liking as they are relatively cooler, thanks to an on shore breeze. Out here we have a reservoir about six blocks away…and we thankfully receive the breeze coming straight off of that. But until the air temp cools, it is typically a warm, un-refreshing breeze. I shouldn’t complain right? Right? Right.


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