An oldie but a goodie. 🙂

The Orchid

San Diego, California.

I also absolutely love San Diego, California..where I reside. 🙂

I love San Diego because of it’s undercurrent. We tend to live and let live out here…we love our city and all of it’s features..mountains, deserts, beaches..inland valleys. They are all unique and we treasure these areas, spending money in upgrades. On the surface, people are friendly, outgoing and have a genuine sense of pride and love for their city. More than half of our population is Military and we support and salute them all. 🙂

I have lived in San Diego off and on for over twenty years now and when I first got here and saw everything this beautiful city has to offer, I fell in love with it and have loved residing here ever since. The people here are true lovers of the sunshine and the outdoors. The beaches here are some of the best as well…

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San Diego, California.

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