Conversations I’m tired of already.

I have changed this blog title out of respect for a fellow blogger..although I did receive inspiration from her. 🙂  If you are interested, the blog is Suziespeaks.  Please make a point to visit her blog. Like this topic? Then by all means stop by and thank her for the inspiration she left for me and others. 🙂

Okay moving on…. Number one conversation I’m tired of already:

I am sick to death of emote being the focal point of conversations. I understand completely that they convey feeling, but hiding behind them is completely frustrating for the person on the receiving end. Trying to build conversation around them is pointless because you just end up with a smiley being sent your way…instead of actual text which allows flowing communication. Without this, there is really no point of engaging. Seriously…limit the emote and engage in actual conversation. i tend to ignore conversations where that is the main focal and building point…because there is no way to engage and actively discuss things. I might as well be talking to a brick wall and so now when this happens, I actively disengage and ignore repeated attempts. Why bother?

Second conversation: “Your distant…and in denial”

The same tired argument….over and over. If I can get my point across once without having to make repeated attempts at explaining myself..then great. Otherwise, by the fifth time and/ or the fifth day of explaining, I’m frustrated, and give up even trying to respond in a meaningful manner. Because no matter how I phrase it, break it down, or just all out point out the obvious….if the person still doesn’t come of their high horse and make a point of trying to see the other side of the argument, its fruitless and I have better things to do with my time. Point blank.

Third Conversation: “Feel pity for me”.

I don’t give this type of conversation any attention at all. I don’t give the other party fuel for their pity party, and this may seem like I’m being heartless, but sometimes giving them fuel makes you the responsible party even if you have no part in whatever the situation is. It’s best to disengage from this type of conversation quickly and quietly. Just put the phone down, or walk away….because if they suck you in, then your own life gets pulled down into their cycle of negativity and sucks the life out of you. Plus it sucks your energy and ultimately isn’t worth it. If left alone, they will eventually tire of their self-pity and pull themselves back up. Every. Single. Time.

Fourth Conversation: ” I hate drama!”

Usually I have found that the people whom say this the most, are the ones who cause it or invite it in on a silver platter. Please….stop telling me this and just start showing me (and the world) how much you actually despise it by not actively engaging in it.

Fifth Conversation: “What are you going to do when..(insert beloved relatives name in here and their demise)”

Seriously?! That’s my business and not anyone else’s. I have my life planned out and I do not feel that I need to seek someone’s approval on how I go about laying it out for myself. It’s a form of manipulation that isn’t cute or friendly and I also tend to cut off this conversation rather quickly. There’s nothing to be gained from it. Except sparking my anger…which well then I would just be wise to walk away…in the opposite direction.

These are some of the conversations I’m tired of having already. I have mentioned five of the more common themes here but in reality there’s many more where they come from. Truth be told, I am tired of rehashing these and many others. It is draining, stressful and just not necessary. I will work out what I need to have in my life in my own time, way and speed. I haven’t done so bad lately and things are coming together, it is just slow…and that is what I wanted for five years.

So let go at this in my own way and timing and things will fall together like they are supposed to. In the meantime I’m doing the best I can for myself….and guiding myself down this journey (with help…I must add that) and so far its shaping up. It’s by no means perfect….but its my life, my journey. Usually the ones whom are judging your life are the ones too lazy to focus on their own and make changes that work for them. I wanted to blog more but honestly I am really tired and I need to make something to eat. Until next time, Lisa. 🙂


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