Silence with a cup of coffee.

its noon…and pretty quiet. Tuesday afternoon….just entering into Mid-August. I have turned off the fans finally, and the house is quiet except the tv running in the living room. its nice to have the peace and quiet. After awhile I’ll turn a fan on as it is summer and it does tend to heat up after a while. In this room (and I’ve only experienced this here) there are noises that matrix in the white noise that naturally occurs with the fans being on….loud, obtrusive, annoying noises. They disappear completely when the fans are turned off. One of the least joyful perks of living in a haunted residence, I suppose. Anyways I digress. I found this picture and I really think this is the truth. Yes we all have problems of some sort but we also have things that we are excited about, or even happy about, am I right? 🙂 We should definitely talk about them…share them on social media if you wish too…and definitely use them in blog posts..(if you wish). I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I think that part of our problem as a whole is that we dwell too much on negativity and that robs us of our happiness. I had a whole different post written and then I scraped it and went for this instead. I had just found this on my Face book news feed and I think it was timely. I have been walking now for a week straight (or two if you wish to count this as another week) and I have noticed that yesterday when I came back up the hill, I had more energy to pound it out than I have since I started the walking regime. Considering it’s two miles around total plus a hill coming back when I walk that route (as opposed to downhill) I think that’s quite the feat! I have also found a Vision Board site online that allows you to make vision boards for free and you can even download them if you wish too! In case you’re interested, the site is

Vision Board made my me. :)

Vision Board made by me. 🙂

This picture says it all.

This picture says it all.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this thinking or do you think it’s just new age nonsense? Whichever side of the fence you’re on….I do believe in being happy and that is one of our fundamental rights. However, that is all an inside job and remember that we have the option to choose how we feel. 🙂  Awesome, right? We get to choose whether outside forces disturb our inner peace. 🙂 What is your opinion? I do believe in writing and I believe that is helping me express my emotions and get my thoughts back on track. I truly love writing and I am going to be taking an intro to journalism course soon here.  Although I dislike writing essays….go figure eh? Alrighty then..I need to move along and finish this post so I can access my peer’s responses and get moving along in this course. Until next time, Lisa. 🙂

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