Who I am and why I’m here. (Blogging 101 assignment) .

For those of you whom are familiar with my blog, you may skim or skip this post if you desire. 🙂 I am writing this as a quick refresher for those whom may be joining me and perhaps don’t feel like reading all the way back to the first few posts (though if you’d like to, check out the archives on the front page). I am Sunnyhaze2006, sole owner and blog post writer here on the Orchid. i decided to write this blog to give myself a creative outlet to vent..(cleanly) and to gather a community of support around myself. This blog has provided an outlet me for to put my thoughts down, give myself some creative freedom, organize my thoughts and my frustrations…plus I have had the pleasure of getting my story out there and to share my journey in this world.

Its pretty intimidating at first when you realize that your post is read by scores of folks and you may have just put a chunk of yourself out there to be judged. But in the long run that vulnerability fades as you have folks rally around you and really come out and support you or just start to follow your blog. Believe me, you make all the difference in the world on the darkest days/nights when you leave a supportive, caring comment. We all need the support once in a while and its awesome to know someone understands or just cares enough to reach out. 🙂

My entire point when I revamped this blog and decided putting my journey out there in front of mankind as a whole, is to let someone who perhaps  may be in darkness or suffering from the same things I went through….to let them know they are NOT alone…although it may seem like it. There is someone out there whom truly cares and has been through the exact same things you might be dealing with. Connecting on a human level is one of the best ways to support someone, even if you have no idea that you just touched another’s life in some way. It’s the effort that really counts at the end of the day, and that makes blogging all the more worth it.

This is why I am also going to make a point to try at least to blog once a week…(perhaps more if inspiration strikes along the way that week) and to make a point to share my journey. It might just be course related posts or rants (depending) but either way, that is my goal. Blogging gives us a real chance to reach out and touch another’s life …..and maybe even meet some new and interesting people. 🙂 It’s truly a worthwhile venture and this is why I’m always grateful to have my blog on here. I haven’t posted any recipes lately so look for those to be showing up more as well. **As I usually note, if they are not my own recipe I will note that before giving the recipe and the needed steps. The original author will always be noted and given credit as well as a link to where you may find the original recipe.**

Well readers, have a fantastic week!  Until next time, Lisa. 🙂


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