Hit the ground running!!

Hello there!  Okay, so I recently decided to start investing in myself…as you can tell from previous blog posts. That means I’ve also signed up to take some business courses from notable names such as Wharton, and University of Virginia, for starters. I’ve also signed up to take a writing course (Write101X) as well as the freshman courses I’ve already stated previously. Load on top of that my career portfolio & apps once a week and life seems kind of busy all of a sudden. Well..I’ve also decided that I’d like to start moving around more than I have been so I’ve planned a route to start walking and intend to pursue that as well. Now the remaining time of my summer is spent investing in my education, job outlook, and health. Not too bad right? I’m leaving the weekends open to just relax and breathe. Because we all need that once in a while or we tend to burned out and frustrated, and give up before finishing everything we’ve set out to accomplish. I have also decided to try to post once a week on this blog…however, in light of other commitments..that might fall by the wayside as well. It’s not intentional but a person gets busy. Phew!!

I have also started reading some of the books I have on my Nook and finished the 2015 reading challenge ahead of time. I had decided to read a set number of books and actually finished ten books ahead of schedule…at 217%! 🙂 Not too shabby eh? I honestly love reading and love my Nook. It has literally thousands of books available on it and I am slowly getting through my reading list. I have thirty archived books….and those are just recent ones I’ve plowed through in the last few months. Everything from the classics (think Plato, Homer) to fiction and plays and even Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. Some very good reading material can be found on a Nook Simple Touch…don’t overlook it. 🙂

I still have books in print that I have yet to finish reading….for some the feel of a real book in their hands beats the digital ones any day of the week. For me it’s those digital ones that hold my attention long enough for me to actually finish one (or several!). I just really, really love my Nook….and it really is that simple. Its simpler to carry around a small portable device than a clunky paperback. But maybe that’s just my preference? Anyway…..I digress. I decided to make some changes and they are starting to make the difference I wanted in my life. Things needed to change, drastically and as soon as possible. I feel like I’m on the right path, and I can feel I am..truth be told. Sometimes other people cannot help you until you decide to help yourself and that is the biggest obstacle I faced. I was helping others help themselves… but leaving myself behind as a result. I also didn’t have near enough energy to put towards my life and making the changes happen as I saw fit….and when you don’t have the energy to make the changes manifest in your life, you tend to lean on others too much or let them make unhealthy changes. Neither one of those is a good situation to find yourself in so I changed all of that. I took control of my life, my future and my present and implemented some healthy changes that are now beginning to take shape the way I wish them to be. I had some divine intervention in the beginning to really give me that much-needed push and head me in the right direction. But now I am doing the best I can to keep the momentum going and to keep things flowing in the right direction.

I have also signed up to take Blogging 101, from WordPress. It should help me when it comes to my own blog even though it appears my blog is well-managed. To be honest I love my theme to pieces and I took the menu style from a respected blogger, Jennifer Kiko  aka Farmgirl Follies (Google her if you wish to follow her). Her blog and blogging style is what inspired me to make a fresh theme and follow how open she is when it comes to blogging about her life and putting her stories out there for everyone to digest. Believe me….you will not regret reading this womans’ blog. I’ve followed her for years…and her blog has more than once reminded me to slow down and take life day by day. I first discovered her blog when I did a Google search for farm blogs….and she popped up in the top 50 blogs. If you have the chance, check her out!! 🙂

I know that small changes take a while to show up in one’s life but I am hoping that these changes will eventually lead up to the life I’ve wanted to live..one full of peace, happiness and overall calm. That is my main motivating goal…and one I know I can achieve. There are changes going on in the world…some people can feel it..while to others it’s just another day/week/month/year. But there are…and slowly, quietly, it’s starting to make the planet a better place to live on. Some days everything seems mundane and uninteresting…but there are days where good news pops up amid the negative news that we are saturated with every night. That good sparks hope in humanity, and shows us that humanity is not always the lost cause some of us deem it to be. There is a spiritual movement going on…however we don’t make headlines with it, we don’t shove it down anyone’s throat…we just quietly do good deeds that sometimes go unnoticed, or sometimes cause a ripple effect. There’s a lot of those small, quiet, unnoticed good deeds that are performed…that eventually lead up to the big events that tend to make headlines in this weary world…and they replenish the hearts and souls of those whom listen and take the time to actively listen to the good and tune out the ugly, negative news stories that our world seems saturated with. That is the main reason why I refuse to watch the news anymore….its pretty pointless when most of it is bad, and maybe one or two stories are positive. But, that is my preference only. 🙂  I’m not on this blog to shove a new way of living down anyone’s throat I am just simply sharing my experiences…so I hope none of my readers takes it the way it’s definitely not intended.

I also feel the best way to get rid of thoughts is to simply write them down or share them with someone….I have chosen both, in a digital platform such as this one. While it’s true that not every thought needs to be shared, writing through your experiences is one of the easiest quickest ways to heal…because once your thoughts are down on some sort of format, they can be left there. To sit and be digested if you wish….or to just sit in a private format hidden from view. Either way is fine…just getting the thoughts out is relaxing …and sometimes the best therapy available. I have discovered this while putting my experiences out there…and I do believe in overcoming fears as well. I was worried what my readers might really think once they read what I was going through…and what I’m still battling. Instead, I found a community of support (my readers/followers) that digest what I write….and are supportive instead of negative. Please believe me when I say its much appreciated…ya’ll are really awesome people!! 🙂  Blogging is a truly unique way of connecting with other human beings on this planet….and I’m glad that it has really taken off in the last few years. There really is no better way to express yourself in a non judgemental fashion such as blogging…and to ensure that whatever it is you want to share, or say…is heard. After all..isn’t that what we all want? To be heard?

I have definitely enjoyed sharing my journey with all of you..and I do enjoy reading your blogs as well. It’s so easy to get lost in someone else’s thoughts…because somewhere along the line, someone may be thinking along the same lines you are at that moment in time, and when you stumble across a blog depicting the same struggle you are facing you no longer feel as though you are the only one struggling. This has happened to me more than once since I started blogging on this site…..its one of the things that keeps me motivated to continue sharing my journey. Just know that if you’re on a journey where you feel the darkness creeping in, and you are struggling….you are definitely not alone. I’ve gone through it..and I survived it. I came out on the other side of it much stronger than I was before hand, and I have described the worst days/nights of it on posts. It isn’t easy to put it out there and leave (resisting the urge to delete it) and yes you may feel vulnerable (as I did) but once its out there, it may impact someone or help them along. Sometimes you just have to take the chance. It helped me grow and let me know that letting people in isn’t as scary as one seems to think it can be. Just words of encouragement. 🙂

This has turned out to be a long post but since I haven’t written one of those in a while, I don’t mind it. Things needed to be shared/expressed and isn’t that the best thing about humankind? The sharing and expressing whom we are with everyone else? So, tell me readers…have you ever blogged about an experience you went through? Has it helped you at all?  Let me know in the comments. 🙂 Until next time, Lisa. 🙂


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