The ordinary….

I was thinking of writing a post and that title just popped into my head…”the ordinary”. Well there’s a lot of value to be found in the ordinary…the everyday baseless, nameless moments that pass..sometimes noticed..sometimes unaware, gone forever. Just like words you cannot ever regain the moment once its gone and do it over another way. You can however prevent the moment from slipping away and becoming lost in the past. The ordinary has beauty in it, always. Even if it’s the most boring …when you look back in fondness, it’s not the boredom you remember…but the memory itself.

Everything has value….and so does everyone. But, I digress here. The moment, the everyday lives, the priceless moments can be gone over, glossed over and lost to eternity. The point is to slow down enough to notice them and not them slip away. There’s a saying I’ve seen a few times that basically says “If you want to be part of the beautiful memory, you have to be present”….I forget who says it by now but its the truth. Life tends to slow down when you allow it too..and I’ve learned that the ordinary moments of life…a conversation online, a text from someone, a phone call….or just spending time with someone are much better when experienced in the moment. I learned to slow down and enjoy my life…whatever it may be at this time…and when I did I started noticing (finally) the small things….a feather …a butterfly…the taste of coffee (when I’m not drinking it while walking six blocks in a rush to get kids off to school on time). The sunshine ….the breeze….even the most mundane things like being able to relax in the mornings if I wish too and not rush off somewhere….watching a sunset if I choose too….or just taking time to heal myself…those are the moments I was missing before I moved here.

Those moments make up the ordinary…the baseless, timeless..nameless moments that were once lost to me in the rush and hustle of the city. The city life I once loved has been replaced by the love of rural life. Albeit the price is high….but in the long run its worth it. I’ve asked myself (and the Divine) numerous times what the point off all this mess was/is…I received silence as a reply because only I can answer that question. The answer is in the moments…both big and small..where I find my strength, what I’m capable of…what I’ve survived, the good I’ve done..the mistakes I’ve made along the way…..the people I try not to hurt…..the moments I’ve made into memories that are close to me and dear as well. I’ve learned to cherish the small things….sometimes as small as a feather to some…becomes meaningful and holds value to myself. The Dali Lama is quoted as saying “I’ve been asked what have you gained from prayer? Nothing..but here’s what I lost: ego, pride, fear, anger” (I don’t recall the exact quote and also cannot find it to write it exact.) Anyways you see my point I’m sure.

It’s the small, timeless moments that we usually let slip by us…I’ve learned to live in those moments and stay in the present. The best thing about the present is the peace…and that is what I was seeking for so many years. A bridge from the hectic and chaotic to the peaceful times and slowing down. It took me a year to really enjoy living out here in the rural areas. When I first got here what struck me the most was the silence…the stillness….and how people tend to really mind their own business. I was used to a bustling house and neighbors and friends in and out daily, plus tenants…it was akin to a circus. Everyone knew your business as well….while out here its the opposite. We hear traffic..but its usually quiet unless there are sirens…you hear more birds than anything. At night, especially during the summer…you will hear crickets and usually frogs from the reservoir. That has become one of my favorite sounds. We have neighbors but they are so quiet….it’s a sleepy town basically. We’re technically not on the map..we’re a census designated place! So…we exist but basically on the outskirts of the big city, which I truly appreciate.

When my life gets too chaotic or hectic..I think back on the first white feather I found and remember to take things slow, and to remember its the ordinary, slow moments that make up what’s the most important. I have learned I connect the strongest to nature..and it grounds me once I connect to it. I have learned to not only love the quiet….but to value and treasure peace above all else. The way I live my life now is shaped around that…and I won’t allow anything less than that. I’ve lived through the polar opposite too long. Sometimes, we have to have the rug pulled out from under us, and the wool pulled over our eyes, and be lost in the darkness, confusion, chaos and hectic life before we find out inner strength and our peace.

I have also learned there’s a beauty in letting go…whether that’s a friend, family member, or a way of living. Sometimes we grow stronger by merely letting go and setting free..rather than holding so tightly. I had always had people running in and out of my life, there one day, gone the next. It took me some lessons to learn that if you let them fly away, it’s for the best. Also letting go of something not meant for you allows you to grow and become that much stronger for it. I have become much stronger due to what I’ve learned, experienced, seen, heard and felt. It was like sandpaper…..and it did me a world of good. At one time I thought nothing of hurting someone whom had already hurt me….now that isn’t my mindset. I held onto grudges for too long instead of making peace….and letting karma do its thing. When I found my peace, my life fell back together…slowly….piece by piece.

I often try to bite my tongue before saying something hurtful…I find usually a well-intentioned look is good enough. I have also learned to stay calm unless the situation warrants otherwise…and it rarely does. Not everyone living in a room with a portal to Hell would think so, but it changes your outlook & perspective, You learn real fast that negativity ushers in negative experiences, as well as positive energy ushers in like. The same can be said for anger….that’s the most powerful emotion we humans have….and when that’s can do some serious damage that unfortunately cannot always be fixed. In this situation, its made me stronger….and I’ve found out just who and what I am. Before any of this, I had figured I just had some strong intuition that was rarely wrong. I found out soon enough that it was so much more than that, but I had always relied on my intuition and truth be told, I still do. If something feels wrong, it usually is and there’s no accounting for it otherwise. Experience is your best teacher, and no one can prepare you for when evil comes knocking on your door. The only thing you can do is have faith, know that the storm ends ….and that peace can be found and lived and gained once again. Life has a funny way of reminding us of these lessons as well…..and lessons will repeat until they are learned.

These are the things that I’ve learned from so much exposure over the last year and a half…that sometimes there is great beauty is falling apart and being forced to decide whether you pick up the pieces of your life or just build anew and start over. You have a say in where your life goes…energy flows where attention goes…and we all get to fall apart completely and start anew…..thankfully. I have started on the right path….and I am learning a lot along the way. Its been quite the journey so far, and I’ve learned that no matter what…you will sometimes find yourself on the wrong path but you will also have the opportunity to jump ship and begin anew on the right path for you. Also remembering we are all connected as One…goes a long way to finding peace. It took me almost too long to know this Truth….but now its part of me, ingrained on my soul. I had to unlearn everything I had been taught and re learn new ways of thinking, being and living. I have learned that it’s the ordinary moments that seem countless that are the most important…and where you will eventually find yourself. I am now finally, the authentic me…the person I’ve always been. Not the person I turned into. I found myself..and that’s the greatest gift anyone can lead you too..and its the best gift you can give yourself.

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about living in wholeness, about the soul, etc. I’m not here to shove that down anyone’s throat…but I am willing to bring you on this journey with me as I go along and learn, day by day. Or unlearn, as the case may be. In knowing yourself, you can experience freedom and not really care what anyone else thinks, and that is the greatest mental freedom anyone can have. Being limited is the way of the ego, its a lie. There are no limits….but no one can teach you must learn and come to this conclusion yourself. You are welcome on my journey through this life…and on my path. Life is what you make of it..and its full of the small priceless moments that should never be taken for granted. As well never take anyone for granted…you never know when that person will exit your life for good, and they will become a stranger to you once more. I’ve had this happen…and now I’ve learned. Until next time, Lisa. 🙂


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