Some much needed rain…and some thoughts.

Well we are finally receiving some rain thanks to Hurricane (yes hurricane,not tropical storm!) Dolores. It woke up most of San Diego county with its early arrival…6 am. Thunder and lightning have been hitting us most of the day, relieving some of the awful heat and humidity associated with it. Fortunately, we seem to be having a breeze here as well…which for most of the morning, we didn’t. We seem fortunate to have this storm come through….California desperately needs rain!!!

On the thoughts aspect of this post….I wanted to divulge somethings that have been on my mind lately. I have seen and read some of the most vulgar, vile and negative posts lately…on sites such as chat sites and Face book. People have become so mean and negative…we’re supposed to be uplifting the world but it seems the evil is waging its own internal battle to diminish the happiness and light we all have. I say this…why do we diminish others instead of lifting them up? How about giving others a chance to reach their own happiness? Let their lights shine? It certainly doesn’t diminish our fact it adds to the light of the world and adds more value to everyone’s lives. When given half the chance….people can really excel at their life. But too many times, others wish to tear them down….pretend that doing so raises themselves up….which truthfully isn’t the case at all, is it? When is the last time you saw anyone reach a higher moral ground when they have insulted and demeaned another? Exactly…never. It just doesn’t work that way but our world is certainly full of it lately.

The hate in this world is so palpable that being polite is confused with flirting. Most people are mean as a self defense..and likely so. The animosity in today’s world is terrible….but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that can be done to reverse it. They say it starts with you….and I’ve certainly known that to be true. I have been spending the majority of this last month working on my own issues..starting at the core and working outward. I have found some residual darkness inside and some anger as well that was blocking my light from shining through. I have also encountered some past lessons that I have stored away so as not be repeated, ever. They were unpleasant enough the first time! But I still have work to do and if I’m willing to face my own darkness and barriers…isn’t it about time the world did as well? The darkness is an illusion..whereas light and love are the real deal, the truth and the way. Now stay with me here as I’m not preaching anything to anyone,I’m just stating a fact I’ve found to be true in my own life & world. I have work to be done as of yet..and work that is waiting to be accomplished. But that cannot be accomplished until I finish what’s wrong with myself….and so far the results are tangible.

My life is more peaceful for now…quiet….and I like that. It the peace I’ve been wanting for the longest time…just the silence. No judging remarks, glares, cans slamming, or smart alack noises. Just silence and my ability to tune them all out. Its nice really and the break I needed. The weather has cooled significantly for now so I have finally turned off my fans…another thing that has been silenced. Except for my noisy typing and some background house noises from my room mates and the world outside…all is quiet. The way it should be…the way it will continue to be. 🙂   All in all , my work has been paying off in the long run…and I refuse to give what happened in the past any energy or power by acknowledging it. It just doesn’t matter now. What matters now is the here and now, the present…and the life I am building around myself. I have experienced more peace that I have felt in a year….and counting…and I am always grateful for that. It took a lot of hard work and long hours by all to reach this point. But I also have my hard work to thank as well…I have decided to have peace of mind over stress drama and negativity and as such..I won’t tolerate it around me either anymore. Nor am I living my life according to others rules…no way!!!! My life, my rules. 🙂

I am ready to just move forward in all aspects of my life…I’ve been held down & back for far too long. Well no more…and I won’t accept anything less than my personal freedom. Which I value and treasure. I don’t mind sharing my experiences with you because it might just reach out and touch the life of someone whose hurting..or going through something similar. They need to understand and believe, through reading my experiences…that there is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel…and there is freedom that comes from surviving the storm. For the longest time when my friend told me it doesn’t rain forever..I didn’t believe it…and there comes such a bleakness, darkness and despair from not believing in that. I gave up hope…and when that dies, its like a physical pain ripping you in half. When I survived the storm..and found a feather….I got hope back and with it came courage to face adversity and strength to keep going. Now I know its true and can also pass along the sage advice that it really doesn’t rain forever, the sunshine does return and every storm runs out of rain eventually. I know its hard to believe when you are going through your own..but this is coming from a woman whom just survived her own hellish storm and came out stronger..with wings yet! Something so breakable and fragile…yet made of tough stuff…like strength to see you though life’s tough moments and allow you to fly. 🙂 Never let anyone dim your light….or take your freedom. Its all inside of you…and when someone tries to dim that, it’s because they are insecure themselves and need to keep you down. That all stems from insecurity…..but true strength is helping someone…and not letting them drag you down where you won’t grown and thrive. Strong people (and angels for that matter) help people up,..not tear them down. In the face of adversity like this its important to remember that others only affect us with our permission….and to vibrate at their lower level doesn’t do us any good. 🙂  Stay strong….and remember there is an end to all struggles…and all adversity.


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