Spring Evening and the Blues.

I am listening to some Blues music on a nice warm Sunday evening in late May. The cat is asleep on my pillow and the dog is doing so much better. She got spayed on Thursday, her nails trimmed, and a rabies shot. The house is peaceful, the music and the weather is great. It’s these moments I wish I could capture and keep forever. They are fleeting but perfect. It’s these moments I choose to focus on….because honestly if life were made up of these moments…it’d be as close to pure bliss as possible in today’s world. It’s just so nice once in a while to have these moments…Life can be made up of these moments more often than not if we just stopped to realize them. If we just stopped the drama and took a minute or two to appreciate them and be present in the moment. Too often we let the pettiness and judgment stop us from enjoying life as we really should….to be calm and let peace reign. I’ve had plenty of these moments in life….ad I’m always grateful for them. They make the rough times easier to cope with when they come around. Its been a good day….and I just hope they can continue to be like this. 🙂 Until next time..have a good day. 🙂 Lisa.


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