Life goes on….

Day after day, life just tends to move forward. The beautiful part of it is…that nothing and no one can stop it. You can alter it, or leave it the same..but you cannot stop life from moving forward. However, it is always best that it improves drastically from what it was at one time. Life should never stay stagnant or stale. Boring isn’t that bad either…it gives time for introspection. The sheer vastness of life on this planet is astounding, to say the least of words. Life tends to move forward in happy ways…especially once the darkness clears and the fog lifts. Even if the past does come calling..which it has recently…life still moves forward. Life has changed for me in the last year…but always in a good way in the end. I’ve gotten to know whom I am…and have gotten to like and sometimes prefer alone time. Sometimes life just happens that way…and we are better for just accepting it and moving along with the flow of life rather than resisting it.


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