Been thinking……

Been thinking about quite a few things lately..some I keep to myself…some I share with trusted friends/confidants. As life changes so do our priorities….and what we focus on expands. I’ve been trying my best to just stay focused on peace…especially when it comes to my life. Unfortunately, the past seems to be trying its best to repeat itself. Honestly, that is the last thing I need to happen. I’ve worked so hard to dig myself out from the hole I had dug myself in order to hide in…and I shut life out completely. I just couldn’t focus on my friends lives while I dealt with darkness and the forces of evil bearing down on me at the time. So I just holed up and kept to myself. Well…since then I’ve done an awful lot of work on myself…changing what needed to be changed, re-affirming my faith….and trying my best to keep my sanity in check. I have done far too much to have it all torn down by forces of evil all over again. I have tried to keep my attitude peaceful and positive….but that isn’t always the way things work themselves out. I am hoping of course to not have the past repeat..I am not so sure I’d survive it all over again if that was to be the case. I’ve heard, seen, smelled, felt and experienced things no human being should know of. But…through it and love has gotten me through…and given me strength. Although that took a long while to come onto…I had to learn how to turn fear & anger into strength. Once I accomplished this…it served me well and continues to this day.

It takes time to completely get over what I’ve gone through and so far…I’m doing pretty well. The nightmares have eased off a bit…for which I’m grateful. Mostly I need to do work on myself….and I have been since the initial haunting was taken care of months ago. Unfortunately due to what was done here…evil will always be attracted to this place. I have seen exactly what “fallen angels” or demons, can do to someone and a house. If you think they are fake, I can assure you that unfortunately these evil beings are very much real and can do physical harm to you as well. The fear they instill is the least of the problems. I have been burned, kicked, tripped, scratched, pushed, bitten, chased….and worse. This is why I fear for anyone using any sort of invocation to invite these beings in. Evil can only be invited in….and once in… is very hard to remove. The after-effects of evil being in a location are deeply negative energy, a very heavy feeling….oppression,…etc.  It can be nearly impossible to begin to see your way out of a situation…but it can be accomplished. Faith is the biggest ally you can have…and is the only answer. If you have brought in evil by invitation, then taking accountability for your actions is the only way to begin to assert yourself and claim your space. This is extremely dangerous to do without protection…both human and Divine. Never do this without proper help and protection. You can do more harm than good.

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