It’s something that is earned over time, yet so many people want it right away. They also want an instant friendship and they tend to forget that something like that, takes time to build upon. Nothing is instant …if it is, usually its fake. At least, in the terms of friendship and respect. Anything that’s worth having, takes time. Once you have those things, treat them as though they are easily broken and fragile..which they are. Once you lost trust and respect..well those are the hardest things to recover. Since I mod on a popular chat site and easily have contact with thousands of individuals everyday, I can attest to friendship and companionship, along with the simple connection that others so desperately crave. At times, this can come with a cost. Handle it carefully. Respect is earned, never given. If you are lucky you meet new friends who are there and you can expand your social circle. Often times just a gentle word is needed to establish someone being comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. I’ve been in that situation myself so I can understand that people do whatever they can to simply fit in with everyone else and feel included. Some are more prone to making the wrong choices in order to avoid feeling excluded however. I’ve seen more than I thought I would on the basis of human nature, but at the same time it’s nice to worry about human things again. It’s nice to connect with more people than I had …and it’s definitely nice to have more peace. 🙂

With that being said I have finally decided that having peace is a priority..and remembering? Very low on the list..almost non existent in fact. Gives me the space needed to focus on other things and move on. I’ve also been prioritizing things lately in terms of importance. Coursework definitely ranks up there in terms of being a top priority while modding fell to a distant low place. Having peace is also more important than being right…so I’ve let more than a few things go. I’ve also cleared up assumptions and misunderstandings. I definitely see the point of things clearer now than I did a few months ago and that has helped tremendously. Summer is fast approaching so it’s time to move on and forward with life. It’s just that at that point. It’s been so nice to focus on daily life and humans…instead of the un-dead. I really am starting to believe that things will be fine..and are going as planned, like they should. So…just riding it out for now and allowing whatever is supposed to be ….to just be. Much easier and more peaceful.

I do plan on posting some recipes for you all to try..as always if they are not my own, I will note that ahead of time. I finally managed to finish a history class, and I will finish one more on the Federalist papers here within the next week or so. So…am relieved. I might take this summer off from courses to give myself and my brain a break..but for now that’s still up in the air. It’s nice to have them and it’s also nice to have a balance from being a moderator as well. It really is a lot more work than chatters give credit for. Next time you go into a moderated chat room…give the mods some credit and perhaps a thank you. We put in hours and a lot of work to keep the chatters safe. It’s a lot of work behind the scenes that most chatters never see. It’s our free time that we give up to keep human beings safe. 🙂

Well I am going to post this and post a new recipe. 🙂 Stay safe folks and enjoy the warmer weather. 🙂


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