Legacy….or simple memories.


I know WP (WordPress) did a feature on this already but I never actually wrote an entry on this so here goes. I’d like to personally be remembered for being a caring, sensitive, thoughtful individual. I know I’ll be remembered by some for the darkness I went through for so long, …but perhaps I’ll also be recognized for being loving finally on the other side of it all. Maybe I’ll be remembered by some for being a loyal, caring friend and family member who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind on certain issues or push the boundaries to fit my own idealism. Or, maybe I’ll be remembered for all my coursework and the certificates on my wall? These are well and good, but they don’t define me. They are only a picture…or a quick snapshot of whom I am. I haven’t really let others into my life or close enough to me to really tell my story or let them find out. If they get close I usually push them away. It’s for my own protection. But more and more I am learning to let others in…but its a slow process. I haven’t really shown anyone my story…or you, my readers..anything much in the way of myself. I will mention her here because she’s a favorite blogger of mine…Jennifer Kiko. (if you don’t already follow her…check out FarmGirl Follies on WP…one of my favorite all time bloggers.) I’ve always admired her for her bravery in showcasing her life online….her beautiful farm and her family as well. She is just not afraid to put her life out there….and I have always been a bit timid to put too much of myself out there for the public at large.

I want to finally break out of that mold and begin to show/write more of my life. The good parts. the smiles..the laughs..the animals we call pets….I would like to share all of that. Occasionally you might read a post or two about my courses or if the coding isn’t going as planned…..in other words. I just want to publish what makes me happy and share it with you all. =) Ty for being loyal, dedicated followers/readers. I truly appreciate your diligence and patience for a new post..even when it takes me months to publish a newer one. I truly am grateful. For this is how I would like to be remembered….being happy…grateful and caring/loving, authentic and me. 🙂


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