Slow, peaceful, warm days.


It’s been really nice here these last few weeks. We have been having a nice warm winter this year, much like last year. Although we do have some reain coming in thru the 19th to the 21st, I cannot complain about our weather, simply due to the fact that there isn’t anything to complain about! Sunny skies, 70’s and 80’s..high waves..sounds perfect right? I do have to admit I feel bad for the folks on the Eastern Seaboard who are currently being slammed by snow, and brutal cold. There is an end in sight but I’m not sure I can’t definitely tell you it’s before April. All I can do is share pics with you of our weather and allow you to daydream of a warmer climate.  We seem to have warm, slow, peaceful winter days here..more than our fair share if you want the truth.

The days pass so slow out here..and it doesn’t go without notice either. It’s peaceful here simply due to the fact that pretty much everyone in this neighborhood minds their own business. They keep to themselves and let others live. That should be the way of the world if you ask me. We are too much into other’s lives and business when in reality things should be kept private. I’ve touched on this subject before but it remains true. SamSung has released a new tv that can listen in to your conversations that you attend to in front of it, simply by having the “voice recognition” app activated. This should shock most consumers however I think it might be the norm these days. We don’t expect much privacy when we cruise the web, or use technology or devices. Shouldn’t we? Depends..on what you allow.

While it remains true that you could unplug your smart tv from SamSung while you talk if you have the app activated. But that amounts to just a pain in the butt if you ask me. Can we expect reasonable privacy in this day & age, from anything to technology to our neighbors? Perhaps…but I do know that I love the freedom and privacy we have in this particular neighborhood. I absolutely love it because all things considered, I hate my privacy being invaded. Like I’ve stated before, just because my doors open doesn’t mean I have a ‘walk-in’ policy. Just to clear anything up, I’m referring to my bedroom door…we keep the front door locked at all times. It’s one of those metal security doors. So, dear readers, what, if any, is a reasonable expectation of privacy, to you, in this day and age of “always on” connections, smart phones, and digital devices? Until next time..Lisa. 🙂


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