New Life, New Direction, New Craziness.

So over the last weekend, my mother & feline moved in. Mind you I haven’t seen my cat in a very long it always awesome to spend time with her. The pooch is adjusting well..just goes slightly crazy whenever she sticks her head of tail out lol. Overall, things are alright..finally. It took me a long time to arrive at the peaceful time in my life where I now reside. Literally took me falling to rock bottom and laying there for a bit before I could find the strength to question motives and pick myself back up. When my life absolutely fell apart last week (again) I  had to make some life-changing decisions and stick with them. I have since done this and continue to seek out the peace and quiet in my life I deserve. It took an awful lot of convincing from friends (real friends) and my own soul to get me to accept that changes needed to be made. 

I tend to dislike change I like things to flow evenly and not be disrupted. However, the changes that came to be have definitely improved quality of life and brought about peace. When I let go of the toxic person in my life that was working behind the scenes to ruin any personal growth I was making, my life evolved into instant peace. I haven’t looked back since and I have found that it’s easier to forget conflicts and drama and look ahead to positive input and events and leave out the negative charges. No point on dwelling….I will leave him to stew and suffer in his own toxic waste. I’m not going down that path anymore in life. I have put up boundaries and have set them in place with tremendous amounts of concrete so to speak and they are not crossed anymore. If you’re not with me and refuse to seek out personal growth, then you have no place in my life. Point blank . I refuse to be held back by someone unwilling to change anything that isn’t working for themselves anymore. We have enough ugliness in the world..we certainly do not need to increase or add to it in any way, shape or form. 

As I have stated I am now helping to moderate a chat room on a much healthier chat site, I have my courses and current friends and family to deal with. I don’t have time for anything additional.  I just wish to move ahead and be at peace…in my own bright, sunny locale with lots of love and positive energy. Anyone can do this..but it’s a conscience decision to be willing to face what may need to be changed in your own lives and the courage to do just that. Maybe you are like I was and have that one jealous friend that is dragging you way down and is always attention seeking and drama? It takes courage to let them go…because in my experience they were emotionally abusive once they were caught in lies and called out on their behavior. But you have to realize that for your own peace of mind and sanity, you need to let go of their hand because they wish to stay stuck in their lives and refuse growth. Once you cut the apron strings, leave them severed. It’s much easier to do this when you have inner as well as outer peace. That peace becomes very precious and valuable as it did for me. 

I have that peace now and I am able to smile, laugh and look ahead to the future. I don’t live in the past nor acknowledge it. I don’t live their anymore…I live in the present, the “now”. Once you do that, you can let go of whatever’s draining you or holding you down. It’s worth the internal cleansing of your life to be set free and only you can do this. No one can do this for you, you must have the courage to see the reality in front of you and not dismiss it or color it to be some form you can accept. My life is so better for all of this now, and I have been able to feel the lighter energies rather than all the heaviness. Too many of us carry around that heavy vibration, the stress, the lower energies and negativity. This isn’t Hell and there is no need to carry that burden around. Once you let go of it, you will immediately feel the differences I’ve stated here. 

None of us are damned until Judgment Day so please don’t carry that burden with you. As long as your lungs fill and exhale air you have time to fix whatever may be ailing you or missing in your life. Have fun, smile, laugh (out loud!) dance, sing, joke around…but most of all live. Have the zest for life that we all share..that we’re all intended to have and please do not act like we’re all damned to Hell. That is the problem with so many people these days…they think we’re already heading into Judgment Day so they act like it. Please do not emulate the movies. Live life (out loud!) have fun, listen to music loud, just do whatever makes you feel free. We can’t change the horrible events that are happening overseas but we can change ourselves and our own lives. Until next time..Lisa. 🙂


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