Organized! Finally!

So yesterday I decided to tackle organizing my clothes finally. In my drawers…at least. The rest didn’t need it. Today I decided to tackle my closet..again. I went through a lot and cleaned out trash like old ads and old magazines. The rest I combined into fewer containers and stored them as such. I finally got things off the floor that I’ve wanted too for awhile and put the suitcases on the top shelf. Finally out of my way! 🙂 🙂 I also switched out the purple duvet for a brighter, floral print blanket that covers the bed better and adds more color to the room.

Also found some unused (unopened) white washcloths and rolled them into a lime green basket for my bathroom with the other colored washcloths. I finally had to take down the pictures that were hanging in there…the steam over time had ruined them. In their place I hung a tropical plastic Lea and a seashell necklace ( I love and adore the beach). Switched out the purple bathmats for blue ones I found hidden away as well and now the bathroom looks brighter and I am happy to see a new color set in there! 🙂

I am also happy to have some more color added to this room. Plus I finally hung up a calendar so… just helps me to be in a better mood overall. I am just glad that my life is calming down and I have a chance to relax and clear my head…which is what I truly needed. I need time for myself….to heal and take it easy. Hope you’re all taking it easy when needed. 🙂 Until next time..Lisa.


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