Life is a challenge.

They said it would be worth it, not fair. 

That’s the motto I’ve come to realize is true. Life isn’t easy nor is it’s full of challenges and set backs that are made up to strengthen you. Every obstacle you face is meant to make you overcome it. I had to overcome a whole lot of obstacles just like anyone else in life. The last two years have been extremely hard. I have felt every emotional roller coaster that is possible for a human to endure in a span of time. Life has been so up and down that I’m just ready for it to balance out already and remain up and calm. I am set to just be relaxed and calm and let my life just naturally relax.

I have been under so much incredible stress just these last few months..more than a human should have to endure. At times it’s been completely overwhelming….and I’ve wanted to just hide from the world at large. But this isn’t a successful nor healthy solution. There is no point in hiding..even socially. It doesn’t help anyone in the long run if you think about it. Writing helps me so much because it puts my thoughts down and out of my head, even in a digital format. it truly does help to clear my head in the best way possible. So here goes…(I know..long intro..ty for sticking it out this far.)

So this last year has been of full of “pointing fingers” and deciding who truly gets the blame for what took place in my life. Well I really don’t care whom the blame lies on ….it doesn’t matter in the long run of things. At least, not to me. My life is about the living, not the ghosts of the past haunting me. But there are certain individuals whom need a person to blame so …fine. But let me tell you…my point of view is this: It just happened. I moved into a location that was already fraught and ripe with demonic activity. I dealt with it and that’s that. That’s life and I can’t change it so why worry about pointing fingers this late in the game? I learned lessons that I needed…it’s whatever.

I’m moving on…I’ve decided that my life no longer will serve what’s no longer serving me. Why should it? That doesn’t propel me keeps me locked in the past ..and I don’t live there anymore. It’s just a shadow of my past. It no longer defines who I am. What does define me is how well I handle the present ….any present situation that is. Do I want to fall back into the same patterns? No. Net at all. I want to move ahead with my had firmly lifted and I don’t stumble. I have finally learned to move ahead with my life and regain my strength and my composure. I have a handle on my own emotional well-being and no one can shake that. Once you’re there, it’s a great feeling of freedom and liberation. But it’s sure a b**** to get there! (Please do not yell at me in the least I starred the word out.)

My life finally safe. Finally secure. Finally stable and calm. I am recovering from the last few months and it feels good to be able to say that. I still have my moments where I’m withdrawn and really down in the dumps but that’s part of healing and I will always find my way back out. I think honestly that lately I have been more social than I was for two years and that is a good thing. I’m normally a social person…(i had a FB status one time saying that my life revolves around 66 online and 6 people at home…and it was true!)  So that is where I am beginning to re emerge. It took me a long time to get back to this point but now that I am, I am really liking that. …loving that. There are so few people left in this world that are genuine and warm and empathetic and sympathetic, loyal, caring, loving. I am one of those. Yes we get hurt…but we always come back given enough time, space and strength. I know I will be just fine .

When you face a extremely difficult period in your life, the best thing you can do is to hang on very tightly to your faith (whatever that may be, whatever shape or form it may take) and don’t let go of your strength. Its okay to feel weak, small and helpless. Just don’t stay there. That is no way to live your life. You will find your strength…and you can turn fear into strength as well by overcoming what you fear the most. You can also turn anger into strength by determining that anger will not eat you up inside and it also doesn’t decide who you are or your outcome. Once you take control back over your life you can empower yourself to be stronger than ever before. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person that went into it, and that’s what the storms all about. It strengthens you in all areas of your life.

Never take for granted your current situation, your circumstances or the people in your life. They can all change in life-altering ways in minutes. I learned that the hard way. You can always change the course your on if you don’t like it..”If you don’t like the road you’re on..start paving a new one” -Dolly Parton. The only consistency in life is change. Embrace can be a breath of fresh air that you might have been praying for..or hoping for…or working hard towards. Or perhaps all three. Remember we’re all in this life together. People you do not know are living life as best they can…so remember to say please, thank you, your welcome and be grateful. Be generous..with your time, your advice (when asked for) and your attention. Put away that phone..put it on silent and really give people your full attention. When you give someone your time, you’re giving them something you can never get back. That is truly priceless. Same with your attention. If someone asks for space..don’t automatically take it personal, for everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Grant it..and let them know that you will be around when they are ready to come back.

This is how you begin having peace in your life and relationships. This is how we begin to build peace. It begins at home and it begins within all of us. Give peace a chance as the song goes (Beatles) …be a dreamer (John Lennon) and be faithful. Be the person you wish you could find in the world. Until next time….Lisa. 🙂


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