It’s the dog days!!! And an MBA thrown in for good measure.

Hello! 🙂 I’ve been sick recently….in fact the entire house got sick with this year’s flu. I got it the worst..I had started to feel better ( finally after camping out for two weeks on the couch!) then we got this arctic air invasion from Alaska (gee, thanks!). So when that occurred the house became very cold because our heater isn’t working. As you can imagine, it eventually felt like a weight was on my chest everyday and I had a pretty bad cough. Fast forward a week or so later, and we topped out in the fifties finally. It was during this time that I began to finally recover completely. I am just now finally feeling back top tip shape. Then two days ago, we began to notice our pooch wasn’t being her usual, frisky self. Uh-oh! She was lethargic, tired and not eating much nor drinking any water. Yepp she ended getting sick, however thanks to me asking my friends what I should do and doing a quick Google search, we discovered that canned pumpkin was definitely the way to go to restoring her normal “flow of things” .

Today she drank water on her own (huge improvement!!) plus she ate a good meal of dry dog food. Plus she  has more pep in her step and more energy as well and today she played more like her usual self. =) So we are really glad that she seem’s to be feeling better. She’s still resting more than usual but I believe she is taking it easy. I still am after being sick so I  understand. I’m just glad that she is better!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

The MBA tagline…isn’t an attention capturing device. It’s true…I’m following the lead of one lady whom is using online resources (such as Coursera and EDX )  to earn her  MBA. It’s the “No Pay MBA” that I’m following. This all began as me eyeing this post in my Face Book News Feed. It captured my attention and I decided..well…why not? So that started with me enrolling in Business courses and starting my own journey. I’m pursuing an MBA and I am also pursuing a minor in History and Science. Yes its a huge pursuit..probably going to take me more than a few months. But I have the time to devote and I need to relax anyways. It gets my attention off former events and onto something productive that could enhance my future.

That last sentence…..definitely sums up my reasons for doing this.  I should take this quiz for my History course and get back to it already. Have a good week my readers. 🙂 Until next time…Lisa. P.S. This year’s flu bug has caused several deaths…please do yourself a favor and get the flu shot. 🙂


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