Peace… journey.

I’ve taken some vital steps lately to change the way my life’s going & has been going for a year. 

I have decided one very important factor: Talking about your problems makes you miserable and compounds them. Talking about your joys makes the opposite happen…it makes you happier, and perhaps blessings or miracles may occur. Taking a backseat to your life is something that should be done until action is necessary…when this time comes valid healthy action is the most beneficial. Am I telling you how to run your life? Absolutely not.

What I am describing is how I intend to run mine. I am making choices that benefit me in the short and long-term. Healthy choices such as teaching the dog how to walk on her leash, making smarter choices about how much sugar I consume, and being determined about the amount of sleep I receive. I am also drinking more green tea…it’s pretty healthy for you. Plus I am determining to have a much less stressful life and I have taken some steps to ensure that. Peace has ensued and for that I am thankful.

I made these decisions last night….and have stuck to them, so far. I am tired of my life being so stressful and basically, I’m fed up with being so tired. I am over being stressed out…and over making unhealthy choices. I am the run whom runs my life, no one else will/ever will/will ever again. I decide how much impact someone has….how much time they spend with me and how much they are allowed to stress me out. In other words..I am setting healthy limits and I have also begun tracking my choices. It’s amazing what charts can reveal when you put in the time and effort to making them happen.

I am not complete yet…but I am still capable of making life choices and lifestyle habits that will prove beneficial and helpful in the course of my life. I run my one else. That is my new mantra. I have power over my life and I will be making more and more decisions on how I expect my life to go. Yes it’s empowerment and if you ask my friend’s, it’s been a long time coming. I am taking back control over my life only this time in much more effective and lasting ways. Here are some examples of what I’m describing:

download (9) download (10) As you can clearly see….these charts are not “ideal” in the least. In fact, they are so far from ideal I decided to change them and other habits I have as well. Over time they will add up to some pretty big changes…given time & dedication. Life doesn’t have to be lived being so frazzled and rattled all the time..and try your best not buy into the ego’s programming of “Right here right now!” because that is a lie. Unless it’s clearly a medical emergency..nothing is quite that important. My life is much more relaxed, calmer and mellow (to borrow a word from a friend of mine) . If you see yourself in this situation at all…please try to make positive changes for yourself and your life. It will serve you well both now and in the future. Try your best and you will definitely see the difference. I watched a YouTube video one day of what the long-term effects of sleep deprivation are…and in time it ages your skin….and you also grow more pale and ragged looking. Thinking of this, I decided to use an app available on Chrome that tells you how much “sleep debt” you have incurred.

Turns out I have a 56 hour debt. Yikes!! I am now trying to get to bed by a set time so I can eradicate or dampen it down some at the very least. Sleep is a lot more important than people realize. It really does affect you in a variety of ways, once you have accumulated enough deprivation. I had enough that it totaled over a year’s span…this is why I am working to fix this. It’s very important….and if you do not believe me or think I am exaggerating…head on over to The Sleep Foundation to see for yourself. It’s one of the most important and loving things we can do for our bodies. I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which coupled with sleep deprivation, leads to depression and being on auto pilot and a “zombie like state” Believe me, I’d know first hand!!

We only get this one lifetime, this one body to take care of and foster. Once you decide that peace is the only thing allowed in your life, besides love, you won’t accept anything less. Love your body…love your life. They tend to go hand in hand and if you do not like your progress so far, or the situation you’re in, make steps to change it…no matter how small. No matter if its blogging or emailing to get your feelings heard….or taking courses to enrich and expand your horizons and education..every bit you put in, makes a difference. It all adds up and if you would like physical proof of this, perhaps you can make charts and track your progress?  This way you have some form of physical proof that you can print out and have in your hands. Do you have to do any of this? Of course not. But its worth a try if it sounds appealing to you at all…to believe that you can achieve something that you strive for….and put the effort into the progress.

In other news, I passed my History final!!! 🙂 So that is one course that is out of the way…and I have several others that are ramping up new weeks and some that are finishing up as well..such as my English Literature course at Hillsdale this upcoming week. 🙂 Its my seventh course that I’ve taken…I truly love their courses!! 🙂  Until next time…Lisa. 🙂


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