Rain….and growing older.

**This is a needed topic to bring up here.**

So as many of you know, we got doused and slammed by a strong Pacific storm from the tropics. We endured high winds, pouring rains and soaking mists to finally be able to split off a chunk of the drought we are currently facing.  We in Spring Valley, Ca didn’t receive much but the three-day deluge of rain was needed desperately. It actually turned our backyard green! 🙂  That was much-needed in this area. We didn’t receive a lot of damage here or have our power cut off by high winds or downed power lines. For that I am thankful! However, northern California wasn’t quite so lucky…they got slammed pretty bad. I hope they can clean up and definitely recover before the next bands come through this wk into next wk.

The temps at night are what we are dealing with..I know for those of you in the Midwest and the Eastern Sea Board don’t think that lower 40’s at night is anything to complain about. and you’re right. Except if you live in Southern California, it’s cold!!! We’re not used to being cold….we’re spoiled by the tropical Mediterranean climate here. Usually warm year round except in February and March.

So yes we are cold when we dip below 70..even 60 is considered cold here. Crazy right? I have lived in the Midwest and have seen temps on days below freezing (32*) and where the high was -8. But when I moved back here I lost the acclimation I once had to colder weather. I think as we get older as well…we tend to feel the cold more. I’m beginning to notice this as I get older..and for those of you wondering..I’m 32. But I feel the cold more now than I remember it bothering me. It’s waist deep snow outside? Okay..let me throw on a winter jacket, gloves and boots…and I’ll shovel. Now? Forget it. There’s no way I’m going to put my body through all that stress. I can’t deal with it anymore and that is one of the unfortunate realities of growing older and up. You’re body totally changes and  becomes acclimated to its own variants and its own climate. Very odd!

People often refer to “feeling” rain or a storm system moving in. I can admit now that I can relate to this. I have two shoulders that slip out of joint constantly due to torn rotator cuffs…so they tend to act up more and ache more when we have a storm moving in or it’s very damp here (foggy or humid). I tend to be in pain until the greater chunk of dampness moves out or evaporates. Growing older and dealing with weather tends to truly suck..but you can either embrace getting older or you can fight it and be miserable. Myself? I choose the former. 🙂 Might as well enjoy it right? Turn up the music and dance!! 🙂


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