Midnight Inspiration…or Soul less Stone Bodies.

Soul less stone bodies. We make our way through the maze of darkness of hate and anger. We try to save ourselves from being lost to this fate….that is worse than even death. Forever chasing a darkness we’ll never quite escape. Trying hard to maintain a solid grip on reality. They say darkness is only an illusion…but what if we’re they illusion that it’s trying in vain to eradicate? What if we’re the abomination? Now we feel our way along with nothing solid behind us nor in front of us, nothing to give us a solid grasp on reality. Rather, every attempt to hold onto the present moment is a slippery slope….and our hand holds are covered in ice. Sharp pricks of pain remind us that we’re humans whose fate was chosen for us millennia ago. Tears are frowned upon and used against us, in an attempt to rid us of our humanity in one foul swoop.


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