Thanksgiving 2014/What I’ve learned. <3

bird2 diiner4 dinner dinner2 dinner3 sides sides2 stuffing the bird turkey

These pictures pretty much sum up our Thanksgiving this year. We had it early again this year….mainly because the turkey was completely thawed once again and so it had to be cooked. Overall it turned out really good and once again, the turkey came out perfect. :=) It was exhausting work to be honest…but in the end it’s always worth it. The hard work put in equals great food when it’s finished. The mashed potato’s were home made and that meant an hour spent peeling potato’s then boiling them to make sure they were soft. The only thing not pictured was the six inch pumpkin pie that we enjoyed that night as well. 🙂 I am very glad that this only occurs once a year as it’s exhausting and very muscle- ache inducing work. I was very sore the next day and still am a bit. But all in all it’s worth the hassle every year..every burn, every curse word uttered, every vegetable chopped, every turkey stuffed and every member fed. 🙂 It’s the small things that matter and I tend to forget the bad and keep the good instead. It’s worth it to spend the Holidays with my “family” and see them well -fed and happy. =)  For that and other things this year, I am grateful. I am also grateful to simply be alive…and be enjoying the Holidays this year. Be more involved in my own life and my friend’s lives as well. It’s taken a year to be more involved but I am finally working on myself (quietly now) and doing what I gotta do.

Sometimes it takes awhile to get back into the swing of life especially when you have to battle darkness in the meantime. Darkness serves to pull you down, to destroy you and take you out of the swing of life. Well it succeeded with me this last year but now I am finally climbing back out and recovering what’s left. I am also finding out whose still by my side without criticism and that list is, unfortunately, short. Oh well…that’s life. Things change and so do people..either by choice or because of their individual, private circumstances. Mine was a bit of both. I just decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore….like my life consisted of constant darkness, silence and a void, not to mention feeling empty. So….just changed it. It’s not an overnight’s a lot of work to overhaul your entire life but it is possible with enough time and small steps. You cannot take huge leaps and bounds and expect change so soon. Not the way it works. Working on yourself takes time, patience and love..lots of love. Also eliminating the negative people in your life really works wonders …it frees up extra space in your life, head and heart for new, positive people and familiar ones that helped you along. Embrace life, family, friends (and the friends that turned into family). After all family is whatever you opt it to be. So..pick and choose..but choose carefully. Live and learn..but don’t be so busy learning that you forget to live. Don’t let darkness suck you in. That’s your first mistake. The second is thinking that darkness is anything but an illusion…its only an illusion.

So as you go along this year and celebrate the Holidays with friends, family and loved ones…remember to take along a bit of patience, extra love and be prepared for possible travel delays. Remember the actual reason for the’s not the presents under the tree. If you need a reminder…its as close as the Bible. Enough said. We all get stressed out at times..but don’t allow it to consume you. It’s a liar and a thief. It thinks everything is an emergency and must be addressed right then…that’s a lie. It steals your joy, and your involvement in the present moment and also your piece of mind. So take heart and a deep breath and try not to let stress dictate your life. Until next time..Lisa.


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2014/What I’ve learned. <3

  1. Yum! Looks tasty!! Breathe deep and be patient. I can tell you’re carrying weight when you start a post about turkey and TGiving but end up talking about battling darkness in the same post.It sounds like you’re overcoming so keep it up! Stay relaxed, loose, and look for your connection. What makes Lisa, Lisa? For me a trip to Nature helps really reconnect me to keep advancing. I don’t know what your re-connect is but I gently encourage you to look for it as you continue to climb out of the darkness. Rooting for you!

    Keep up the great work Lisa!


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