Privacy is a thing that most take for granted, and thus it is a right that we have. It is also a privilege denied to many especially the younger generation. Privacy is something that we as Americans, or just any human being, complain about the most, whether it’s our medical records, cell phone conversations/text messages/voice mail, computers/Ipads/tablets/desktops or just simply in our everyday lives. I have had mine invaded in the worst ways during in the last year but however have made steps to secure that. I despise it when people just walk into someone’s private space without’s just rude. No matter if my door’s doesn’t mean I have a walk-in policy. What it does mean is that sometimes I want some damn privacy. My life in general in the last year has been open to my friends so they could help me in all aspects but I have since scaled that back dramatically. When you deal or meddle in someone’s else’s life. take care not to overstep your boundaries. Be very careful what you do…and don’t interfere where your not first asked or needed. It can cause a lot of havoc and chaos that just isn’t needed. Respect goes a long way towards someone’s privacy and private life. In this digital world where everyone’s most basic, private info is just a stepping stone away it’s the most important to hide and protect any kind of information, whether digital or otherwise. Just like hackers can watch and talk to your baby through an online hacking system…through a baby monitor….so can they hack into your phone or computer or PDA and steal your valuable information. This information isn’t anything new but I am using to state my case. Be very careful if you walk into someone’s life..just because they are willing to let you into their private world…doesn’t mean you should take advantage and go sneaking around like a thief in the night when they are not around to defend their space. That is overstepping bounds and goes right into psychotic.

Also..when someone feels an insane need to control someone because they think that will help them in the long run…or prevent them from leaving….well maybe they should look at their own lives before stepping in. No one has any damn right to just take over someone else’s life by preventing them from moving forward into potential growth and out of whatever situation is hurting them or hindering them. When your a friend and helping someone, holding them back is out of pure selfishness and not out of consideration. People need to move forward in life on their journey..its the only thing that makes it possible for us to live a more fulfilling life. We as humans are supposed to grow and begin new adventures….that’s the way life is meant to be lived. Whether its a personal adventure or one of travel perhaps, you are supposed to branch out into new opportunities. So do not let someone else hold you back and hold you down …it only suppresses your own growth. Leave them with their own insecurities and limited potential…while the sky is the limit in life.

So spread your wings and fly…..and hope that one day the ones who tried holding you back realize that they messed up and will begin their own personal journey of growth. Until next time…Lisa.


One thought on “Privacy.

  1. A very timely and poignant topic! Especially with the advent of Google Glass / Cell phone GPS tracking / drones / smart TVs (watchout!) / NSA data collecting, etc. etc.

    It’s something that I’m very conscious of and concerned about. I think it’s a big deal especially for all of us who grew up without computers, internet, cell phones. We implicitly had much more privacy before so this change has been very difficult for us. For children who have had access to these technologies and facebook etc. for their entire life, they don’t know any different.

    Very important topic, thanks for sharing 🙂


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