Life..updates :-)

So …let me see here…what’s new? Well for starters…there’s a new addition to the family…..1901958_376668979150363_5781312206565682043_n

Her name is Coco! 🙂 She’s a six month old puppy and while we’re not sure of the  breed quite yet we are sure that she can be very hyper but also that she is very intelligent.  We have had her for three weeks now and already she is starting to pick up potty training as well as leash training. She is a very fast learner and loves to play with her pink stuffed toy she has. She also loves to cuddle right up beside or behind you when she long as some part of her furry body is touching you…then she is content. She has been a great addition overall. 🙂

Another update is that I am now taking Introduction to Biology  which is an AP course segmented into five different units. As well as Intro to Chemistry….a non AP course. I have decided I should really take these since I didn’t in high school, but thankfully  I did take and pass a middle school science course with an A-. Which comes in handy. 🙂   I tend to remember basic things about light waves and atoms and molecules which definitely comes in handy!!  Have any of you taken either of these courses?

I am doing well in my writing course so far…I submitted a final version of my essay for that course for grading and evaluation. So far I am trying my best to hold down these courses with a passing grade. I have also started one history course and one Modern Books course as well. So its safe to say that my life is busy course-wise. I am just trying to keep my head above water with them. My global sociology course so far is coming along nicely as well. I had to scramble last minute with that one because my original charger went out finally so I had to wait for a replacement to arrive. I have also noticed that the weather is cooling, I have a white tiny pumpkin….1910630_379995638817697_5910398409813953700_n

and Football is back on!! 🙂 As you all might know I’m an avid Packer fan!! Go Pack go!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Wooohoo!!! I’m sad they didn’t win tonight versus the Saints but I have fain that they will come back again. 🙂 Soon enough I’m going to be planning this….turkey

I made that last year. Yes by myself. I was sore and very tired when it was done but it was well worth the hassle. I am hoping to have help this year from my mother lol. She guided me through everything last year tg!! So those are my updates folks. The darkness is gone for good so things are slowly shifting back to normal for me. 🙂 Until next time folks..Lisa. 🙂