End of Summer.

When you love...love with your whole heart. Otherwise, it's not worth doing at all.

When you love…love with your whole heart. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing at all.

  I heard that quote somewhere once…I just don’t recall where anymore. It’s been way too long. I gleaned it from somewhere and I’ve tried to live by it recently…..although life gets in the way. Now that summer is “unofficially” over…it’s time to focus once again on the small day to day details that encompass our lives..school..assignments..homework…tests..exams..studying..midterms..etc. I myself will be taking five courses this year so I’m right along with the group of ” back to school”. Plus I will be smack dab in the middle of planning my wedding…..plus doctor appointments, other assorted appointments, birthdays…etc. It gets busy when you have your brothers plus your nephews birthdays ahead of your own. So…..try to take the time necessary to slow down and enjoy life…before it slips past you and you’ve missed most of it being caught in the small details instead of seeing the bigger picture for what it really is. Kids grow up so fast…and time with them is precious and fleeting. Especially the teenage years!! Those eye-rolling, attitude-inducing, silent treatment, “Don’t tell me what to do!” ” I hate you!” door slamming, tear producing, drama-filled years go by very quickly then they are off to college or getting married and starting families of their own. Life happens while your busy making other plans…a cliche ….but also very true. The first five years are the most formative but so are the teen years. Kids grow so fast ……you blink and they are suddenly 18-19-20 and going their own way.  Cherish it…..and try to remember to love whole-heartedly. 


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