Laptop Problems.

So…the other night…my net book that I had been trying to save for weeks now…crashed. It crashed to the point that it no longer booted up WIndows XP. Yes I blame XP…it made the net book overheat and choke itself on “virtual memory”.  Ugh! For now my friend is letting me use his universal charger so I can use my laptop. Tg! At least now I have internet access on something other than an 8 inch screen and keyboard. However I got used to typing in such a crowded, cramped space so reaching for keys that I’m so used to being within barely a fingertip grasp away…seems weird and odd. I also had to install Avast! Antivirus (2014 version) and take off the old Norton Antivirus off this computer that had quit working months ago…okay more accurately..a year ago!! So…I installed it…did a quick scan…but hence it wasn’t happy with that…so I rebooted as per instructions..and it proceeded to do a thorough, deep system scan..and came up with thirteen infected files! Yes you read that right..thirteen!! I couldn’t believe it…but it does seem to be running a bit better and now I’m now protected against spyware, malware, adware, trojans…worms…viruses..etc. Get the 2014 version of Avast! Folks and do the system scan. If it comes across an infected file…especially in the Windows file…you will be given the opportunity to repair it, fix it. or quarantine it. Your computer system will thank you. Trust me…get some updated anti-virus. I had things on this laptop that I had no idea were even there. Scary thought eh?


Of course after the system scan your OS will proceed to boot normally…just try to have patience. It is a long scan….especially if you have a lot of drives…not just the usual “C” drive….(it scans all drives on the computer!) and may take a considerable length of time. Mine took an hour to complete the had over 5,000 files to scan. Henceforth, bring patience with you and keep an eye on the scan in case it needs further prompting from you on what to do with infected files. inconvenient? Yes..helpful? Yes..may save your computer/laptop? You better believe it. They also have an extension for Chrome users that protects you against harmful sites….so its a very good program to use. Be careful….and be aware of what you do online. Always be careful of what you download. The wise person doesn’t ever download anything from the internet..but that cannot always be avoided. Always download from trusted, certified sites. give the hackers back door access to your hard drive and OS…..without even knowing it.  Most of us use gadgets without thinking…and the hackers count on that distraction. Too tired to wait till a scan finishes? Let it scan while you sleep. The results will be there when you wake up. Point is…don’t put it off. Just do it, as the Nike commercials used to say.


Have teens? Make sure they know the rules of the road for websites, downloading and have a strong fire wall with loaded protection and a good strong anti-virus program. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need these things..but the very fact that they do indeed exist is enough of a warning. If you don’t use them, you’re at risk and have no one to blame but yourself (or your teen…if that’s the case). Arm yourself…or you will go through what I just went through and it is not a pleasant experience. Until next time..Lisa. 🙂 ❤


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