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***Disclaimer***Okay so its been a few weeks few months since I’ve actually sat down and updated this blog. Even longer for my previous one. As I’ve stated in the beginning I’m not the most avid blogger, so I tend to get caught up with life and forget about the blog. Sorry, guys. 

I forget now where this was captured but I found it thanks to Google Images. :)

I forget now where this was captured but I found it thanks to Google Images. 🙂

So I am back for now and trying to update best I can. I am not quite sure how to summarize what I’ve been through as of late, except to say that the darkness is back but I am fighting it off/away, and I went (or attempted to go) to an interview yesterday for a potential internship. When I left the house my shoes fell apart, resulting in blisters. Plus I never actually found the location…and had to wait an hour before my friend picked us up on his way back into town. So all in all, yesterday was a lousy day.  However, today is much better. 🙂   I do hope your weekend goes as planned. I think this weekend I will hibernate, try to get some sleep and tackle the mounting pile of my laundry that is climbing the wall as I type this.  ( I have finally started my laundry.)  My courses have been intense..I just drafted a 668-word critical review draft on Coyle’s “The Sweet Spot” yesterday for my English course and that is the second week;s work so I am ahead for once! Plus I am taking Sociology and Sustainable Development. In just a few days my other courses start so I am hoping I’ll be able to keep up!!  The one I’m waiting on is the history of the south through its music. THAT course is gonna be downright informative plus fun to take. I love the history of the South, despite its many flaws (I.E., slavery.)  Moving away from that touchy subject, I do have to say that this bunch of courses is demanding but great to take as well. Some are for fun, and some are informative as well. I am absolutely loving my Sociology course!! The instructor/professor is very insightful into her chosen field and really digs into explaining everything for us students across the globe.

Maybe taking “online courses” isn’t the same as actually going to a college but it’s actually more work!! Before you spam me with comments arguing against this point let me add this: Your less structured, you have to be self-disciplined. It’s up to you to keep up with the assignments and the readings. It’s on you solely to get your butt onto the site and do your work. Plus the work is usually more intense…so yes I do believe that online is more work than a traditional class. So yes we do MORE work than any traditional class plus a lot more studying as well. We can spend 18-20 hours a week just simply doing the work and readings!  Plus if you fall behind…there’s no academic advisor to help you get back on track so that it makes it nearly impossible to catch up.

So that is what has been taking up my time…besides life happening offline. I always try to remember to blog but sometimes life makes that impossible and it gets pushed to the back burner. Now..onto read the Communist Manifesto for Sustainable Development and Sociology. 🙂  Take care readers, until next time, Lisa. 🙂

End of Summer.

When you love...love with your whole heart. Otherwise, it's not worth doing at all.

When you love…love with your whole heart. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing at all.

  I heard that quote somewhere once…I just don’t recall where anymore. It’s been way too long. I gleaned it from somewhere and I’ve tried to live by it recently…..although life gets in the way. Now that summer is “unofficially” over…it’s time to focus once again on the small day to day details that encompass our lives..school..assignments..homework…tests..exams..studying..midterms..etc. I myself will be taking five courses this year so I’m right along with the group of ” back to school”. Plus I will be smack dab in the middle of planning my wedding…..plus doctor appointments, other assorted appointments, birthdays…etc. It gets busy when you have your brothers plus your nephews birthdays ahead of your own. So…..try to take the time necessary to slow down and enjoy life…before it slips past you and you’ve missed most of it being caught in the small details instead of seeing the bigger picture for what it really is. Kids grow up so fast…and time with them is precious and fleeting. Especially the teenage years!! Those eye-rolling, attitude-inducing, silent treatment, “Don’t tell me what to do!” ” I hate you!” door slamming, tear producing, drama-filled years go by very quickly then they are off to college or getting married and starting families of their own. Life happens while your busy making other plans…a cliche ….but also very true. The first five years are the most formative but so are the teen years. Kids grow so fast ……you blink and they are suddenly 18-19-20 and going their own way.  Cherish it…..and try to remember to love whole-heartedly. 


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Laptop Problems.

So…the other night…my net book that I had been trying to save for weeks now…crashed. It crashed to the point that it no longer booted up WIndows XP. Yes I blame XP…it made the net book overheat and choke itself on “virtual memory”.  Ugh! For now my friend is letting me use his universal charger so I can use my laptop. Tg! At least now I have internet access on something other than an 8 inch screen and keyboard. However I got used to typing in such a crowded, cramped space so reaching for keys that I’m so used to being within barely a fingertip grasp away…seems weird and odd. I also had to install Avast! Antivirus (2014 version) and take off the old Norton Antivirus off this computer that had quit working months ago…okay more accurately..a year ago!! So…I installed it…did a quick scan…but hence it wasn’t happy with that…so I rebooted as per instructions..and it proceeded to do a thorough, deep system scan..and came up with thirteen infected files! Yes you read that right..thirteen!! I couldn’t believe it…but it does seem to be running a bit better and now I’m now protected against spyware, malware, adware, trojans…worms…viruses..etc. Get the 2014 version of Avast! Folks and do the system scan. If it comes across an infected file…especially in the Windows file…you will be given the opportunity to repair it, fix it. or quarantine it. Your computer system will thank you. Trust me…get some updated anti-virus. I had things on this laptop that I had no idea were even there. Scary thought eh?


Of course after the system scan your OS will proceed to boot normally…just try to have patience. It is a long scan….especially if you have a lot of drives…not just the usual “C” drive….(it scans all drives on the computer!) and may take a considerable length of time. Mine took an hour to complete the scan..therefore..it had over 5,000 files to scan. Henceforth, bring patience with you and keep an eye on the scan in case it needs further prompting from you on what to do with infected files. inconvenient? Yes..helpful? Yes..may save your computer/laptop? You better believe it. They also have an extension for Chrome users that protects you against harmful sites….so its a very good program to use. Be careful….and be aware of what you do online. Always be careful of what you download. The wise person doesn’t ever download anything from the internet..but that cannot always be avoided. Always download from trusted, certified sites. Otherwise..you give the hackers back door access to your hard drive and OS…..without even knowing it.  Most of us use gadgets without thinking…and the hackers count on that distraction. Too tired to wait till a scan finishes? Let it scan while you sleep. The results will be there when you wake up. Point is…don’t put it off. Just do it, as the Nike commercials used to say.


Have teens? Make sure they know the rules of the road for websites, downloading and have a strong fire wall with loaded protection and a good strong anti-virus program. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need these things..but the very fact that they do indeed exist is enough of a warning. If you don’t use them, you’re at risk and have no one to blame but yourself (or your teen…if that’s the case). Arm yourself…or you will go through what I just went through and it is not a pleasant experience. Until next time..Lisa. 🙂 ❤