Houses on the hillside, and images of where I call home.

There are houses on the hillside directly across from the front of our house. I’d include a pic but it seems Google has other plans. Anyway’s, they are the expensive kind..the nice kind that actually signals the end of the rural life out here. There are mountains all around me…..including Dictionary Hill…the steepest..scariest hill we have here…..huge hill

  yes ladies and gentlemen…that is here…not in San Francisco. I have yet to dare that hill. Majestic mountains are all around here…..springvalley1



Yes we have stores out here…but they are not that great. water

 I believe this last pic is either Spring Valley Lake (I had no idea we had a lake out here) or the reservoir. SpringValleyReservoir 

reservoir two reservoir three


This is about six blocks from us…due east, at a diagonal slant. I’ve seen it and it’s beautiful. ❤ They have recreation there during the summer,including fishing. I have to come to really love living out here….it’s rural to a point….until you reach that hillside and the residences are packed side by side like sardines. But when you look out your window and see a mountain instead of the city…you can either love it or hate it. I definitely prefer being out here even though it’s pretty isolated. Mt. Helix from a distance

I see that mountain outside my window every single day…it’s a nice view actually. I see it closer than this image suggests as we live at the foot of it. Days go by slow here…which is just fine with me. It gives me time to breathe and relax. We hear the occasional siren going by…occasionally the neighbors stop by to visit…other times you wonder if you do have neighbors….but about 90% of the time, it’s quiet out here. Everyone minds their own business and goes about their lives quietly. I guess you could call us a “sleepy town” but we are just slower out here. People always say they want to live the slower life…but they remain in the city. Until you get away from the confines of the city limits, you cannot experience living a slow life….it is relaxing, and quiet. People actually know how to mind their own business out here….which is a nice relief let me tell you. You can go about your own life without someone putting their nose in where it doesn’t belong. Most of all,….you can heal. That is the best thing of all…being able to heal. I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of where I call home….and I hope  you have a good start to August. ❤ 🙂


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