Early morning and Black coffee.

So I’m up early again. How early? Five am…..I know. It’s when most of the world is up anyways, right? Well not this lady. I hate early mornings….but my summer seems to be filled with unpredictable hours lately. Sometimes rising early because my body will not allow for anymore sleep, or being up late and sleeping in late, as a direct result. The job search has slowed, since it seems only Auto Zone is hiring around here. However, the interest in classes and class-hunting hasn’t dimmed quite yet. I am determined to take at least one course this summer. Here’s to hoping! 🙂 ❤


This summer has had its very own unique setbacks, but I’m not focusing on those. I am focusing on the good times…the laughter, the nights that made me smile when I wanted to punch the fence out of pure, built up frustration. My friends come to mind a lot…I worry about them, and care at the same time. i want the best for them…simple as that. I have a family (so to speak) that I need to think of as well and I have decided that I need to put them first and foremost in my decisions. Every decision I make somehow alters life for all of us and affects them in some way or another. It’s funny…when you have children you never think that anything personal in your own life, would affect them. But somehow, in life it works that way. I try my best to shield them, love them fiercely and never gave up on them, and vice versa. I want this summer to be one for the story books for them…one of adventure, life, love, laughter and many, many movies. (If you haven’t noticed, I love movies.)  I have decided to focus on the happier aspects of my life..the lighter energies of love, and positive vibes…in case you’re wondering where the darker posts went. Somehow, I don’t think you are. 🙂


The black coffee..yeah we ran out of creamers and sugar. Somehow, it isn’t the same but its holding up…it’s coffee right? Right? Yeah ok, I’m having a hard time being convinced as well. But it works and keeps the caffeine withdrawal headaches at bay and wakes me up. 🙂 I was thinking of making today a movie day…since it’s going to be so hot anyways. Besides, my kids deserve to curl up with a good movie. I hope your summers are going well…I actually had to don a sweatshirt in the middle of July this morning….crazy right? It was actually that cool to start off a hot day. The weather doesn’t know whether it wants to be hot or cold…but the nights are warm for sure. All in all, it makes for some good memories down the road…of a summer spent living instead of hiding, having fun and laughing instead of frowning and being unhappy. that’s what life is about folks..making memories the best way you possibly can. Appreciate the ones you love…even if they drive you crazy….because in some ways, it’s that same craziness that makes a house, a home. Try to appreciate the small things…..and do not judge. At all. Not yourself or each other. That’s the key to happiness…living and being happy and letting others live in a safe environment free from all forms of judgement.


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